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Put a smile on your face. If the smile is nor coming out, force it until you get it. When you smile it knocks the devil and your enemies off their feet.

A smile brings along the motivation you need to succeed. A smile gets you attracted to destiny helpers.

A smile leaves you happy. Happy people are blessed people. With a smile on your face, you are never on the loosing side of life.

Hope a smile on your face becomes your trademark.





Smiling has been my trademark this year, not because I have all I need, but because I understand that having a smile on my face sets me on the right path to achieve all my dreams.

As you celebrate Christmas today, I want to implore you not to close the curtains of 2014. So much can still happen before this year runs out. I have heard testimonies of people who got new jobs on the 31st of December, I have seen people who won contracts, married and gave birth to children’s as the year was getting over.

This year, you can still meet your destiny helpers, win a new contract, get a new job, marry the wife of your dream, get the project you have always dreamed of and get your heart desire.

Even if you have given up this year, give God a chance to prove himself. There is nothing God cannot do. That dream of yours that you have decided to shift till next year, still give it a shot. Trying would never kill you, trust me.

Christ is the ultimate reason for this season. Remember this even as you tear the chickens and consume the ogufe’s.

I am Seun Emmanuel Alaofin, and the love I have for you is stronger than what you think. I am your number one fan.



Today, I picked another book from my dads great library titled Why Winners Win. The author Art Garner shared a story in the book and I felt the need to share it with you my great friend;

“I am saddened a times to read the story of people who have jumped off the Golden gate bridge to their deaths. A couple of years ago, one man left this note in his appointment;
If on my way to the Golden gate bridge, one Person smiles at me, no one would ever see this suicide note”.

That morning the fellow needed a smile, and no one gave him that smile that he so much craved for. Not one single person smiled at him!

Now the question is, what if he has passed you, would he be alive today? Would he have gotten that live saving smile from you?

Food for thought.
Good evening.
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


ImageAn illiterate woman boarded a plane from Enugu to Abuja. She was booked for an economy class but just after the plane took-off, the woman stood up and went to sit in the first class cabin.

The flight attendant went to ask her to go back and sit in economy class because that’s where her ticket allowed her to sit, but she refused. She had paid and wanted the best seat.

Then the attendant informed the junior pilot. The junior pilot went and spoke with the lady and she still refused. Then the junior pilot went to inform the chief pilot.

The chief pilot said, “I am married to an illiterate, I’ll go and talk to her.”

The chief pilot went and whispered something to the woman and she peacefully stood up and went to her economy class seat. Surprised, the flight attendant and junior pilot asked the Chief pilot, “Sir, what did you tell her?”

The chief pilot said “I just told her that the people in first class are not going to Abuja.”