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Life is the teacher
I am the student
God is the owner of the school.

Yesterday, life told me
Friends are people
With common interests.
Once the interest shifts
An enemy is not far off.

The day before
Life told me
Real people have few friends
Fake people have more friends.
That’s why politicians
Give fake promises
And most celebrities
Live fake life’s.

Three days ago
Life called and said
Those that smile always
Are not problem free
But God filled.

This morning
Life taught me
That people are poor
Not because of lack of money
But lack of ideas.
People don’t invest in people
They invest in ideas.

Some minutes ago
Life taught me
That some people
Discourage your dreams
Not because they hate you
But because they
Underrate the God in you.

Some seconds ago,
Life told me
That he who has faith
Is destined to
Achieve fate.

I really don’t know
What life has taught
Or told you.
What I do know is
When God is the ruler
Of your world
Life might give you
Tough lessons, but
On the long run
All would make sense.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin



If there is one specific lesson life has taught me, it is the simple fact that the closer we get to people, the easier it becomes to lose them.

i would explain why in a but, but before then ask yourself this question, “Have i really had any reason to fight with a person whom i often see and seldom chat or talk with?” I guess 98.9% would come out of their question thinking fitted cap saying a no with so much confidence and vigor.

The closer a friend becomes, the more this friend knows your weakness and forgets that why you became friends in the first place is because he or she appreciated your strengths.

People are so quick to forget that no human is perfect and no matter how beautiful a woman is facially, there would always be a clause somewhere around her body. It could even be a character defect which comes right from inside the mind.

A friend once told me about a mentor of his. Before he got closer to the man, he appreciated his good works and his zeal, passion and commitment to blessing life’s and creating lasting legacies. When he got closer to the man, he started complaining about how brutal and selfish he is.

The funny part of the story is that everything he complained about, he shouldn’t have noticed in the first place because they directly did not involve him.

MY ADVISE: When you get closer to a person is, “have a reason and stick closely to that reason”. If you intend to make the person one step ahead of friendship, then you must be ready to accept the person with his or her flaws.

Just before you say goodbye, always remember the good side of a person and ask yourself this question, “Is saying goodbye worth it after comparing this persons strength with his or her weakness?”

Even if saying goodbye is worth it, learn to close the door gently while you say the goodbye. Never say goodbye banging the door on a friend that once made you smile and happy.

The world would be a better place if we all remember that we are all different and unique in our own way.

I am Seun Emmanuel Alaofin, and i am just trying to #makesomesense.


If Christopher Columbus had turned back, no one would have blamed him. But no one would have remembered him either.

Today he is credited as the person that discovered America because he never gave difficulty as an excuse.

Remember that Difficulty is an excuse that history never accepts. Before you complain, give it a shot.

God bless your heart.
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.



Its no news that Nigeria’s election would be starting on the 14th of February. Due to this, we have been hearing warnings and sounds of war.

As a Nigerian, a nation builder and a change agent, I believe that Nigeria will stand. If you believe that Nigeria will stand, please never stop praying for Nigeria.

If you are not a Nigerian, but you love Nigeria, please join us in prayers.

God bless


Who is this person that is so desperate to hear my voice, I wondered as my Nokia Palasa phone rang continuously for the fourth time in a role. Getting up reluctantly from my bed, the phone rang again.

Picking up the phone, I realized that it was mummy Folakemi  that stopped me from receiving the Five million Dollar($) shipping contract President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was about to award me in the United State of Dreamland (USD).

Emmanuel, your friend Folakemi is pregnant. Wondering why she chooses to call me Emmanuel when she has the option of either calling me Seun or Alaofin, I heard something strange.

What did you say ma, I asked in shock as I was sure I heard the word “Pregnant”. I said, “Your friend Folakemi is pregnant.” What!!! I shouted as the phone dropped from my hands and landed safely on the bed. In deep pains, I put on my jeans and shirt and headed straight to Folakemi’s house. This news looked too fake to be true I told myself, as I begged the Okada man to drive fast.

If this is true, then Iron Lady as she is fondly called has a lot of explanations to give me. Each time we are together, its either she preaches the gospel of our Lord Jesus christ to me, or she shares useful and relevant informations with me.
She is  a 1st class student graduate from a leading university in Nigeria, and she is also the choir mistress of her church youth branch. This same Iron Lady was the person that advised me to cut ties with my former girl since our relationship was unholy. Her impact in my life has been so tremendous.

Come and open the gate I shouted as I called her to signal that I was in front of her gate. Holy spirit help me, I don’t know what to say as the gate opened slowly. Barging in, I went inside straight to where her mum was sitting down.  Checking round the sitting room, I saw Brother James and Brother Sola occupying two of the chairs.

Good Afternoon Sir, I  hailed both of them as I knelt down before her mum to dry her tears. Mummy please stop crying I urged her as tears dropped from my own eyes too. She just got admission to do masters in Canada, see what she has done to herself. How would she be able to go now, her mother screamed as the tears increased in velocity.

Who is the father of the baby, I asked with keen interest. She refused to talk at first, but after asking her consistently she pointed towards the direction of Brother Jide and Brother Sola. Brother Sola talk now, who is the man responsible for this, why is he not here?

It is that useless boy that calls himself a youth pastor that is responsible for the pregnancy her mother added. Mr Seun, I am sorry for all that happened. As usual, it was the work of the devil.

What a day!!! If I had known that it was Brother Sola the youth president of the church that had the baby, I would never have come. I know that the both of them are very close, but to think that such activity could happen between them was actually unimaginable.

It was only once it happened, and we never knew that it would result into this, he continued as he looked troubled and depressed. I remember his preaching last sunday, it was titled “THE SIN CALLED PREMARITAL SEX.” This is a scandal I said to myself, and even Oliver Pope cannot solve this case so easily, only God can.

Thinking about the scene, I realized that it was best for me to leave the scene so that the matter can be resolved amicably by both of them. But then, I remembered the story of a young pastor who killed himself because he impregnated his girlfriend and he could not take the shame. He was too proud to confess his sins and repent.

It was then it dawned on me that I needed to be around so that the issue can be resolved with wisdom. Luckily for both sides, Folakemi was out of school and Brother Sola was working already. We resolved to get them married, and also announced to the church that they would both be suspended but they would be forgiven. They were taken to a special class for Marriage counseling and the whole church put them in Prayers.

1. In life, there is nobody that cannot fall. Sometimes, the people that we do not expect to fall because of their spirituality and their position in the society fall. If such happens, what do we do? Do we mock them around, share their news to the whole world to make them a laughing stock, or to bring them closer, pray for them and show them the love of God.

The best way to correct a man is to correct him with love. We all are human beings, and it takes the special grace of God to be upright. Always ask for the grace.

2. When you make a serious mistake, ADMIT IT. The best way to solve a problem is not to run away from the problem, but to resolve it. There was a similar story of this case, and the youth pastor resolved to killing himself because he was to proud to admit his sins.

He who is without sin, let him be the first to cast the stone. If you are looking at what others would say, then you are not ready to solve the problem. These kind of mistakes can be avoided, but when they happen it must be handled maturely and with a clean heart.

3. Let’s keep praying for the grace. I have made serious mistakes in my life. Mistakes you would never be proud to hear (see as your eye strong, wetin you wan read). It is not the mistakes you make that matters, but the steps you take after making the mistakes. Each day, I keep improving myself and I keep making firm decisions that I believe would put me on course to be better.

Don’t judge anybody. Don’t rebuke anybody. Anybody can change from Bad to Good. If there Is someone that needs a change in character, keep them in your prayers, move closer to them and let your life be an example they can model.

Thank you for reading it to this Level.
Share with your friends if you gained something from this article.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


DON’T LET YOU MINDSET BE YOUR ENEMY OF PROGRESS. Andrew is a young man who is in love with Elizabeth, but the only problem Andrew has is that he is poor and he is scared that if he decides to ask Elizabeth out on a date, she would not agree because of his situation.

Confused and depressed, Andrew decided to ask Mark a good friend of his for advise since Mark was perceived to be wiser than all his other friends.

Andrew, to be candid with you I think you need to travel to a far away land where you would be able to make enough money for yourself. When you have made enough money and you can call yourself a man, you will comeback and ask her out.

Thinking of the idea, he resolved in his heart to follow Mark words.

Luckily for him, he made enough money where he went to, and he also made it a culture to send letters to Elizabeth every month, expressing his love for her and also asking her to be patient since his purpose of travelling was to make enough money that would make her comfortable for the rest of her life.

After seven years, he came back to marry his beloved Elizabeth, only for him to realise that she had married the poor postman that always delivered his letters to her.

Many people are like Andrew, they want to take the next steps when everything is well with them. They know what they want, but they are always slow in pursuing what they want, and most times they end up losing it.

One of the worse things that can happen to a man is when he decides to be the stumbling block militating against his success. Many fail to try. They fail to give their business idea a shot. They are either scared of failure, denial or betrayal.

Remember, if Andrew had asked Elizabeth out while he was poor and he works hard to make the money he eventually made, he would not have lost her to the poor postman. Be wise, DON’T make the mistake of Andrew. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.

Be Wise.
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


I would not join them in deceiving you that money is not important. Although it is true that money is not everything, it has been proven that money solves more than 50% of a mans problem.

Do what is right to be wealthy. DON’T misquote me, I am not saying that money is everything. All I am saying is that money is very necessary.

Change your mindset. Work hard and make legitimate money.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


Hey ladies, you really need to show your man that you have what it takes to drive him nuts. Prove your worth to him and watch him stay. There is hardly any woman or girl out there who does not want to be in a relationship where the guy is crazy about them. Make a guy go crazy over you! Making a guy go crazy is not that hard at all, with a little time and patience, you will be able to. Below, I am going to give you some tips on how to make a guy go crazy over you.

First of all, you need to show him your independence. It is important that you show the guy just how strong you really are. Men have a tendency to be attracted to those women that are independent. If you think sticking with the man at all times and relying on him will work, then you may want to think

Constantly sticking to a man and
following him around is not going to make him want you more. You do not always have to be in front of him preparing yourself to do anything he wants. Therefore, it is important that you give him some space.

As much as I always talk about
equality, there are some roles that you cannot do when you are in a strong relationship. When you allow a man to show his masculinity, he will take the lead. You should be thankful when he
steps in and helps you in some way.

If you have a gloomy appearance and you are always looking sad and depressed, then you cannot expect to attract a man. Prove to him that you have a good life too.

No matter how strong someone is, even men, there are always points in their life when they will need to have some type of support. When you see that he needs it, you should be there for him and help him out.

When many women get married, they let themselves go simply because they now have their man. You should not let yourself go. If you went to the salon to get your hair done before you were married, then keep doing it. If you were smart when he first married you, then stay smart!

I have seen many girls that try to
spend as much time with their friends in order to make their guy jealous. This will drive him crazy thinking of those long hours with your friends. While I would never do this, there are some girls out there that will recommend this. Again, it all depends on who you
are. The more he craves for your
company, the more he is going to go crazy for you.

One sure way to get a boyfriend is to pay attention to him. When he is talking, you should show him that you are interested in him by listening to him. Guys love it when they have a girl that cares about them and it drives them crazy. Don’t be self-centred and always talk about your desires and your
life. Give him some space and let him speak his mind. Men like it when they are appreciated and praised for their actions.

There are many women out there that are attractive too. You need to do something that sets you apart from them. Find something that is unique and go with it. Don’t just flow with trend.

In the end, you should just be yourself. Do not try to be like some super star you once saw on television. Be yourself and earn his respect. To make a guy go crazy over you, just follow my 10 tips.

Don’t forget to check my new site:
Also, feel free to share your experiences. What do you do to set yourself apart from the other
girls? How did you make your man fall head over heels in love with you?

By Adedokun Adenike Olusola


Have you ever imagined how great inventions were discovered? Have you ever wondered how great success principles were discovered?

These set of people asked themselves thought provoking questions. Why is this here? Why is this happening now? What can be done to make life better? What can we do to improve our standard of living?

Asking questions about things around you, is the first step to discovering who you really are. Have you started asking these questions?

Good Morning Great Minds.
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.