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Life is the teacher
I am the student
God is the owner of the school.

Yesterday, life told me
Friends are people
With common interests.
Once the interest shifts
An enemy is not far off.

The day before
Life told me
Real people have few friends
Fake people have more friends.
That’s why politicians
Give fake promises
And most celebrities
Live fake life’s.

Three days ago
Life called and said
Those that smile always
Are not problem free
But God filled.

This morning
Life taught me
That people are poor
Not because of lack of money
But lack of ideas.
People don’t invest in people
They invest in ideas.

Some minutes ago
Life taught me
That some people
Discourage your dreams
Not because they hate you
But because they
Underrate the God in you.

Some seconds ago,
Life told me
That he who has faith
Is destined to
Achieve fate.

I really don’t know
What life has taught
Or told you.
What I do know is
When God is the ruler
Of your world
Life might give you
Tough lessons, but
On the long run
All would make sense.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin



This is the story I was told
By a wise man that’s very old
Success is not just reaching the top
But also helping others go up

Success is not being better than the rest
But helping others discover their best
Success is not about having fame or fortune
But helping others avoid misfortune

Success is not about showing that you are superior
But helping others know that they are not inferior
Success is not about showing of your ability
But helping others enjoy stability

Success is not getting what you want at every single word
But helping others get what they cannot afford
Success is about making people smile
Helping others live a life that is worthwhile

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.

WISDOM (Wisdom Poem)

Wisdom is supreme
Foolishness is extreme
We all have a choice
But one we must refuse

Embrace wisdom and gain understanding
When trouble comes you would be found standing
For the wise would prosper
And the foolish would suffer

A fool puts so much trust in man
A fool puts all hope in human
A wise man trusts in God
And his expectations are met by the lord

Wisdom embraces those who knows its importance
Wisdom value those who knows its substance
Wisdom find those who seek
And those who in the spirit are meek

Seek wisdom in all your doing
Hold it everywhere you going
For wisdom come with the grace
To succeed in this human race

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


Who says you are a liability
Who says you have no ability
We are all unique in our different way
That’s what the elders say

Do what you do best
One day you would stand above the rest
Don’t let them discourage you
They are humans with no clue

Things might look like a mess
And you might see yourself less
But don’t let bad times make you run
Keep doing what you do with much fun

Save yourself of the stress
You have only yourself to impress
Keep moving and don’t stop
Until you get to the top

Remember that you are great
Keep doing what you love with faith
One day you would get there
So try harder and don’t stop here

By Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


People of action are first dreamers
These dreamers are positive believers
From nothing they create opportunities
Their works have raised destinies

Take a shot at the impossible
Impossible simply means I’m possible
See your dream as an achievable feat
Then stand on your feet.

You need that success hunger
There is nothing you cannot conquer
But it starts from your imagination
And a high level of determination

Open up your ears
listen to the voice of your ideas
For anything positive it says
Can change your life in few days

By Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


God knows I desire huge fame
And success all the same
Having different cars by my side
And enough money to play wide

The progress might be slow
But definitely things would glow
Then I would visit different places
And see beautiful faces

My name people would sing
My bell people would ring
My presence people would hail
And on their backs I would sail

At my voice multitude would fall
With the power to control all
People might tag me a sinner
But I see myself as a winner

I would Possess so many toxic wine
And so many delicacies to dine
Make many women pregnant
And curse my competitors to remain stagnant

Then I would have so much pride
And take the commoners for a ride
Terrorise so many tribes
And make the poor pay heavy bribes

My power source many would wonder
I would strike my gossips like thunder
I don’t care if I am wayward
As far as my fame moves forward

This is the heart desire of the wicked
At last they are always ashamed- Naked
They lack the principal thing- Wisdom
They finally die of one thing- Boredom

Their thoughts are obsolete
They are left in desolate
For Pains they shall endure
And their poverty is very sure

Has your heart been moderated
Or your desires are still over-rated
In all your thoughts be wise
That’s my simple advise

By Seun Emmanuel Alaofin