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The more you can contain your ego, the more realistic you would be about your problems.

Note, the first step to solving a problem is to realise that you have gone wrong.When the problem is solved, result is achieved.

Proud people never go far in life because they are to arrogant to admit that they have made a mistake.

Humility is very key to getting great results.

Be wise
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin




One way to become a leader is to study great leaders and follow their examples..

One way to become a successful businessman is to study great businessmen and follow their examples..

One way to become the best in what you do is to study great people in your area of calling and follow their examples..

Note: A man who is to proud to learn from others would never be an example to learn from.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.



The best way to be good at what you do is to KEEP DOING IT. Repetition is the father of perfection.

Get books that can enlighten you more on the subject matter, move with people with the same interest and ensure that the passion never burns down.

The world respects a man that is good at what he is doing. Nobody appreciates an unpolished talent.
Remember, KEEP DOING IT!!!

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


To gain the most from your life journey, treat every person you meet as a teacher and every situation you experience as a learning opportunity.

Never underestimate people. DON’T throw away any experience. Everything that happens to man is for a purpose.

Good evening.
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


Who is this person that is so desperate to hear my voice, I wondered as my Nokia Palasa phone rang continuously for the fourth time in a role. Getting up reluctantly from my bed, the phone rang again.

Picking up the phone, I realized that it was mummy Folakemi  that stopped me from receiving the Five million Dollar($) shipping contract President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was about to award me in the United State of Dreamland (USD).

Emmanuel, your friend Folakemi is pregnant. Wondering why she chooses to call me Emmanuel when she has the option of either calling me Seun or Alaofin, I heard something strange.

What did you say ma, I asked in shock as I was sure I heard the word “Pregnant”. I said, “Your friend Folakemi is pregnant.” What!!! I shouted as the phone dropped from my hands and landed safely on the bed. In deep pains, I put on my jeans and shirt and headed straight to Folakemi’s house. This news looked too fake to be true I told myself, as I begged the Okada man to drive fast.

If this is true, then Iron Lady as she is fondly called has a lot of explanations to give me. Each time we are together, its either she preaches the gospel of our Lord Jesus christ to me, or she shares useful and relevant informations with me.
She is  a 1st class student graduate from a leading university in Nigeria, and she is also the choir mistress of her church youth branch. This same Iron Lady was the person that advised me to cut ties with my former girl since our relationship was unholy. Her impact in my life has been so tremendous.

Come and open the gate I shouted as I called her to signal that I was in front of her gate. Holy spirit help me, I don’t know what to say as the gate opened slowly. Barging in, I went inside straight to where her mum was sitting down.  Checking round the sitting room, I saw Brother James and Brother Sola occupying two of the chairs.

Good Afternoon Sir, I  hailed both of them as I knelt down before her mum to dry her tears. Mummy please stop crying I urged her as tears dropped from my own eyes too. She just got admission to do masters in Canada, see what she has done to herself. How would she be able to go now, her mother screamed as the tears increased in velocity.

Who is the father of the baby, I asked with keen interest. She refused to talk at first, but after asking her consistently she pointed towards the direction of Brother Jide and Brother Sola. Brother Sola talk now, who is the man responsible for this, why is he not here?

It is that useless boy that calls himself a youth pastor that is responsible for the pregnancy her mother added. Mr Seun, I am sorry for all that happened. As usual, it was the work of the devil.

What a day!!! If I had known that it was Brother Sola the youth president of the church that had the baby, I would never have come. I know that the both of them are very close, but to think that such activity could happen between them was actually unimaginable.

It was only once it happened, and we never knew that it would result into this, he continued as he looked troubled and depressed. I remember his preaching last sunday, it was titled “THE SIN CALLED PREMARITAL SEX.” This is a scandal I said to myself, and even Oliver Pope cannot solve this case so easily, only God can.

Thinking about the scene, I realized that it was best for me to leave the scene so that the matter can be resolved amicably by both of them. But then, I remembered the story of a young pastor who killed himself because he impregnated his girlfriend and he could not take the shame. He was too proud to confess his sins and repent.

It was then it dawned on me that I needed to be around so that the issue can be resolved with wisdom. Luckily for both sides, Folakemi was out of school and Brother Sola was working already. We resolved to get them married, and also announced to the church that they would both be suspended but they would be forgiven. They were taken to a special class for Marriage counseling and the whole church put them in Prayers.

1. In life, there is nobody that cannot fall. Sometimes, the people that we do not expect to fall because of their spirituality and their position in the society fall. If such happens, what do we do? Do we mock them around, share their news to the whole world to make them a laughing stock, or to bring them closer, pray for them and show them the love of God.

The best way to correct a man is to correct him with love. We all are human beings, and it takes the special grace of God to be upright. Always ask for the grace.

2. When you make a serious mistake, ADMIT IT. The best way to solve a problem is not to run away from the problem, but to resolve it. There was a similar story of this case, and the youth pastor resolved to killing himself because he was to proud to admit his sins.

He who is without sin, let him be the first to cast the stone. If you are looking at what others would say, then you are not ready to solve the problem. These kind of mistakes can be avoided, but when they happen it must be handled maturely and with a clean heart.

3. Let’s keep praying for the grace. I have made serious mistakes in my life. Mistakes you would never be proud to hear (see as your eye strong, wetin you wan read). It is not the mistakes you make that matters, but the steps you take after making the mistakes. Each day, I keep improving myself and I keep making firm decisions that I believe would put me on course to be better.

Don’t judge anybody. Don’t rebuke anybody. Anybody can change from Bad to Good. If there Is someone that needs a change in character, keep them in your prayers, move closer to them and let your life be an example they can model.

Thank you for reading it to this Level.
Share with your friends if you gained something from this article.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


I have shared many secrets of success on this blog, and recently I discovered yet another secret of success. This is one major reason why so many people have not made it to the top of their career, job, ministry, academic life and relationship.

This secret is FOLLOWERSHIP. Now you must be wondering what this article is all about. Take a look at the life of successful people, they started from the scratch, they had mentors, people that lead them, rebuked them, corrected them, taught them and more importantly groomed them.

Many want to find themselves at the top without taking the appropriate steps. Many do not want to follow but want to lead. Remember the quote which says that a man that does not respect orders is not fit to give orders himself.

Surprising, many don’t want to be rebuked and corrected at all. They feel insulted when they are told what they did was wrong or was not actually meant to be done that way. They actually don’t have what it takes to carry out the task effectively, and when they are corrected they feel they are taken for granted. The place of followership has been overlooked.

There is no successful person in life that is half baked. If you want to be successful at what you do, you must be thoroughly baked. You must be ready to learn from others, take correction from others and more importantly, humble yourself before superiors. Its either you stay humble or your stumble. Remember that humility costs nothing but buys everything.

Never underestimate the importance of being a good follower. Note for you to get all you need to become a successful person, you need to serve under a qualified leader.

Wishing you all the best this year.
Yours in progress,
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


We live in a world where people prefer to live by sight than to live by faith. We live in a world where people judge a book by its cover and prefer not to check the content of the book because they are done with their assumptions. We live in a world where people hold on to first impressions without looking back at the next impression.

There was a day I spoke rudely to a lady because I was tensed and very vexed with her behavior. During this period, there was a lady that was watching me keenly, and that was the first time she saw me after she had heard a lot of nice things about me. She addressed me and publicly told me that she was disappointed with my behavior and it would take a lot of effort to correct the fact that I am a responsible person. She was not concerned with the reason why I behaved that way, all she was concerned with was the fact that I behaved that way. This impressions stuck in her mind, and it took a lot of effort to change that impression.

Communication expert confirm this by saying that people judge you in the first four seconds and then finalize their opinions about you in the next thirty seconds. It takes a whole lot of work to always change this first impressions that’s why you need to always have a solid first impression. Many people have lost contracts, jobs, scholarships and grants because of first impressions.

I have carefully figured out three questions you always need to ask yourself.

QUESTION 1: If someone was to meet you for the very first time, what would they think about you?

QUEESTION 2: If you meet someone for the first time, what do you want them to think about you?

QUESTION 3: How can you strike the balance between question one and two together with the way you talk, dress, think, behave, comport yourself, and more importantly address others?

Look at the leaders you admire, the role-models you cherish so much, how do they dress, behave, think, reason and comport themselves and how they address people. What first impression did they create that made you to fall in love with them?

Remember that you are a winner, so always learn to act and think like one.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


Everybody desire and deserves to be a good leader, but there are some distinguishable qualities that every leader that is good possesses. Here are three qualities:

1.Follow well: One of the basic rules governing our planet earth is the law of cause and effect, in its real sense the bible calls it the law of sowing and reaping. To be a good leader, you must be a good follower. ‘’How?’’. Seek the growth of your society, never conspire or criticize your present leaders, instead advise and respectfully correct them. In doing this, you would gather the knowledge of how to lead, the experience needed to be a good leader, and how to treat and handle your followers when you are entrusted with leadership positions.

2.Take responsibility: Sequel to following well, good leaders acknowledge that they are responsible for what happens to them in their personal lives, current political position, body or organisation they are heading. They don’t cast blames on people, they don’t pass the garbage box but rather take every negative situation as a challenge to do better, improve better and get better. Bad leaders pass and complain about the blame, good leaders fix the blame.

3.BE DISCIPLINED: Self-discipline is one essential quality needed for success in any endeavour, especially one that involves other leadership. Self-discipline is the mastery to riches – Napoleon Hill. Leadership qualities get sharpened in a person that is well disciplined because a disciplined person is a self-developing person, a person of integrity and character. A self-disciplined person can differentiate between his needs and his wants, differentiate between what is needed now and what can wait for the main time. A disciplined leader is a successful leader.



November 2013, I was in a room with a team in my church for two hours trying to solve a problem we all thought was impossible to solve. Before we entered the room to solve the problem, we had resolved in our heart that this problem was unsolvable so we did not put in much effort. As we were about to close the meeting, a man came in and the problem was introduced to him. Some few minutes later, he came up with an idea that solved the problem completely.

At the wedding that took place at Cana in Galilee, the wine they were to serve visitors had finished and they still had some visitors that were yet to taste wine. To the organisers of the wedding, they had a problem that they could not solve because to them, wine would be hard to get at that time.  To the mother of Jesus Christ she had the perfect solution to their problem (Jesus Christ), and HE solved the problem so well that the wine was commended from different quarters.

In every problematic situation, we have the Solution doubters, the Blamers and the Solution getters (finders). The Doubters are those that have resolved in their heart that the problem at hand cannot be solved and they have decided not to look for any solution because to them it’s a waste of time. The blamers are those that are always ready to shift the responsibility of the problems to the neck of the next person (partners, team associate, and neighbours). Just like the solution doubters, they have no solution, and to remove the guilt from their head, they decide to shift the blame on others so they can excuse themselves from solving this problem.

The solution getters are those who understand that for every problem there is always an expiry date, a solution then an opportunity. Every problem solved in your place of work, project, and business comes with a very good opportunity that would take the company, business or project a step further.

Successful people are Problem Solvers; Unsuccessful People are Solution doubters and blamers. You can decide to step up your genuine success pursuit today by having a strong determination to solve every problem that has hindered your progress in what you are doing currently. Remember, a problem you run away from today would not run away from you. The problem would keep growing stronger and hereby affecting your efficiency and productivity.

Be the Joseph that would liberate the Israelites from Goliath rather than be the Saul or his Soldiers that would run away each time they hear the empty threats of Goliath. You have a God that is ever ready to support you; don’t forget to also call on him for his assistance. I can’t wait to see you conquer your problems with the help of God.

NOTE: When resolving these problems, remain CALM and CONFIDENT because God is with you.

Congratulations, you have just broken another limitation.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


I was talking to a guy a very good friend of mine introduced to me some weeks ago. The guy has a talent in writing poems, and he has won some awards with this talent of his.  I asked for his blog so I could read through some of his works, only for him to tell me that he does not have a blog. I asked for the reason and he started giving me excuses like he does not have a laptop and a browsing facility (but he has a functioning blackberry phone).

I remember when I started Blogging September 2012, I had no laptop, no browsing facility and no blackberry phone (I was using the old Nokia Xpress music), yet I started blogging with the available Phone I had then. Today, I have a laptop, a working modem and a nice phone, but more importantly about One and a half Year Experience in blogging because I started with the little resource I had then. I failed to give excuses and I was practically determined to start blogging which I did.

I would be explaining five practical steps to defeating your excuses.

1.       Understand that there would always be a reason to give excuses.  Even when you have all you need to start that fantastic project of yours, there would always be something that you need to make the actualization of the plan better. If you keep looking at reasons not to start, you would never start. Focus on the available resources at your disposal then utilise them. When the available resources at your disposal are well utilised, they would open the way for more resources.

2.       Plan before you start. Planning is the step by step arrangement of how you intend to bring your ideas into actualization. Action without planning is the reason for every failure. Planning makes you more organized and helps you know how to manage all the resources at your disposal to give you the result you desire. There would always be a very good reason to give excuse if you don’t plan before you start.

3.       Give life to the plan. Procrastination and excuses are very Sgood friends. The moment you decide to waste time on actualising your plans as a result of procrastination, you start seeing reasons to give excuses. After planning, inject life in to the plan. Start something, somewhere, somehow with what you have.

4.       Keep the fire burning.  Things would definitely be rough at first, things would be tight and difficult, but always remember that all the big companies and organisations of today started small yesterday.  They are big and better today because they did not give up, they stayed focused and determined, and they kept the fire burning.

5.       Believe in yourself.  The simple truth is you cannot defeat your excuses if you don’t believe in yourself. You have to believe in yourself when no one else does, when circumstances are not favourable and when the tides are going against you. This is what makes you a winner.

I can’t wait to see you defeat your excuses. Keep winning

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin