To leave every reader of the publication fulfilled and motivated to carry out positive actions through positive and life changing oriented articles.

Giving hope and impacting lives positively.

Our GOALS are the steps and plans taken to ensure that we achieve our vision.

Our GOALS are to engage our readers every month with articles on
1. Motivation.
2. Leadership.
3. Relationship and Friendship.
4. Reflection from Social Media friends.
5. Laugh off the stress segment.
6. Moral values & life lessons.

There is power in written words.

A strong desire to create positive change

We exist for the following reasons:
1. Give direction to our readers.

2. Enable our readers to discover their divine assignments in life.

3. Make them conversant with Success Tablets like Goals, vision, mission, action planning.

4. Increase their leadership skill and their level of responsibility taking.

5. Instill in them the courage that would keep them moving in trying times.

6. Understand the importance of relationship and friendship.

7. Be there when they need counselors to advise and guide them.

8. Enable our readers to remain motivated which is a major tools required for success.

9. Give them a clearer picture that God is the true giver of success.

What we do, is our mechanics of solving the problems faced by the youths. We realised that it is not just about listing problems but ensuring that we solve the problems amicably.

This is what we refer to as the ‘’6 SOLID PILLARS OF SEA PUBLICATIONS’’.

Working in line with our goals, we use our articles to

1. Motivate the youths of this Golden generation to pick up the challenge, face the challenge and conquer the challenge in order to create a better future for themselves, their immediate environment, their immediate generation and the world as a whole.

2. Address key and urgent issues affecting the growth and development of youths thereby impacting youths with the knowledge and experience needed to be better than what they used to be.

3. Showcase to the youths the beautiful and useful impact of SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS towards positive and impactful learning.

4. Discuss key and vital relationship and friendship issues to ensure that every youth understands the usefulness, importance and the positive or negative impact of relationships.

5. Raise youth leaders with the vital tools, ideas, information, strategies and techniques needed for outstanding leadership traits and qualities.

6. Drop a smile and free the stress on the face of every reader with soft and funny jokes.


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