For over two years now, I have used, and I would still be using my story to motivate thousands of people through various social media networks. I thank God for the grace, not because I am the best but because I know that my story can inspire someone to get better.

Sometime last year I was to prepare for some examinations. There was a particular lecturer who was to take two courses, but due to her busy schedule she came to the class just twice to lecture. At the end of her second lecture, she dropped bulky handouts for each of the courses.

At first I was discouraged because I had such a short time to cover the handouts, and I still had so much to read. When it was time to write her first course, I gave my best, prayed and went into the exam hall with assurance that all would be well.

After the exam, I went home, freshened up and went back to read for the next paper which was the next day. On getting to where I was to read, I decided to revisit the question paper and study how she asked her questions so I would know how to read for her next course.

After thoroughly scrutinizing the questions, I realized that she did not set any of the questions which is very unusual. The second lecturer that joined her in taking the course did. From past questions, I realized that the questions from her aspect would have been more technical if she did.

Knowing fully well that her second course would be like that, I decided to focus more on the second lectures aspect since they were the two taking the course. I decided to tell my friend knowing fully well that the news would relieve him of the worries of how he was going to cram about 120 pages.

Lo and Behold, when I got into the examination hall and I was given the question paper, I realized that my predictions came true. Just like the first course, the woman did not set the exams question. I answered all the questions, prayed and I went home.

When the result came out, I heard that only 4 people got A in her second course and I was among them. It was quite unfortunate that the friend I told of my little strategy did not get an A because he could not see the big picture.

WHY DID JUST 4 PEOPLE GET A? I would be sharing the reason with you, and also the lessons I want you to learn from this story.

1. Majority would have gotten A in that course if they had realized that only one lecturer set the exam questions. While they were answering the questions, they used the handouts of the WOMAN to answer the questions the second lecturer set.

2. Each time you make and take a decision, action, complete a project, write an examination or do something new, ensure that you find time to EVALUATE YOURSELF. When you check yourself, you would learn about where you need to improve, what you need to do to improve and how you would go about improving. Self Evaluation is key to success.

3. Hardwork will never take the place of Strategy and planning. Many of my mates read better than I did in that particular course, but they failed in the place of strategic thinking and planning. Remember, when hardwork is not channeled towards the right direction, failure is inevitable.

Hope you Learnt something new today. If you did, Kindly share this article with your friends.

Your Friend in Progress,
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


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