Smiling has been my trademark this year, not because I have all I need, but because I understand that having a smile on my face sets me on the right path to achieve all my dreams.

As you celebrate Christmas today, I want to implore you not to close the curtains of 2014. So much can still happen before this year runs out. I have heard testimonies of people who got new jobs on the 31st of December, I have seen people who won contracts, married and gave birth to children’s as the year was getting over.

This year, you can still meet your destiny helpers, win a new contract, get a new job, marry the wife of your dream, get the project you have always dreamed of and get your heart desire.

Even if you have given up this year, give God a chance to prove himself. There is nothing God cannot do. That dream of yours that you have decided to shift till next year, still give it a shot. Trying would never kill you, trust me.

Christ is the ultimate reason for this season. Remember this even as you tear the chickens and consume the ogufe’s.

I am Seun Emmanuel Alaofin, and the love I have for you is stronger than what you think. I am your number one fan.


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