Recently, I was opportune to read the statistics of a football player that scored three spectacular goals in a football match. He had 25 shots during the match, and his first goal came at the 11th shot, the second and third goals came at the 19 and 24 shots respectively.

After the match, he was called upon to speak at the press conference, and he told the fans that when he fired The ninth shot, he was dejected and he wanted to give up, but then he realised that the only way to score was to keep trying.

One reason why people never become successful is because they give up after trying for a few times. They never keep pulling the shots until they hit their target. You find success by gaining experience. You gain experience from mistakes and failures. So without failures, there is no success.

The only man that has not failed before is a man that has not tried something worth doing. When you fail, rather than mourn, learn from the failure and use it to get better and get positioned for the success that is coming. Note, what causes repeated failure is the inability to learn from the failure, and also correct what needs correction.

As you go out this new month, never get afraid of trying something worthwhile. Never be afraid of taking risks, and never give up.

Still yours sincerely,
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.
Happy new month.


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  1. ddammii says :

    Thanks for this

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