A long time ago, two jolly good america friends travelled to India to spend their holidays. They had heard a lot about this country, now it was time to tour the country. When they got to India, they enjoyed themselves, saw a lot of things and learnt a lot as well.

On their way back to America, the two good American friends were discussing about their time in India;

1st Friend: India is a nation that is highly populated, but their people are suffering. Many of them walk barefooted because they cannot afford to buy shoes.

2nd Friend: The second friend paused, smiled and said “India is a place where millions of dollars can be made if we decide to provide this people with cheap rubber shoes that they would be able to afford.

On getting to America, the two friends collaborated, joined their resources together, patented the idea and moved forward to a rubber shoe company where they produce good quality cheap rubber shoes that can be afforded by Indian’s.

Today, this two Americans are not only multimillionaires, but they also saved the people of India from walking barefooted.

Now you may be wondering, where did all your money go? All your money had gone with the problems you failed to tackle, needs you failed to fill and opportunities you failed to realise and use. You see now, you being broke is nobodies fault.

There are two sides of every problem: the problem itself, and the opportunities that are embedded in the problem. If you ask any rich person today how he or she made their 1st millions, you would be surprised that many made it trying to solve a problem.

To be rich, wealthy, great, successful and happy, you need to find a need and fill it. A need is always born out of a problem or challenge.

Desire today to find a problem that you can solve, and not just desire alone but also take the right steps and action towards solving it.

Have a wonderful time achieving your dreams.
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin (SEA).


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