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There are so many reasons to be grateful, it depends on what you see. if all you see are your troubles, you would be unhappy, but if all you see is God’s blessings you would see every reason to be happy and grateful.

what do you see?
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.




“And one day you would see that nobody has it easy”. -John Lennon. Even those at the top that you admire so much have challenges, they want to remain at the top so they give it all it takes.

How would you feel, when you DON’T have to do any work at all. You have all you want, so all you are left to do is to watch movies and sleep, go out with friends and have fun all day. One day you would get bored and tired.

Challenges make life interesting. You are alive today because there is a challenge you need to overcome. You want to be better than you were yesterday, that’s a challenge. You want to move your company to the next level, that’s a challenge. You want to get a better result the next time you are given a contract, that’s a challenge.

What makes life uninteresting is when you decide to run away from a challenge you are supposed to face today. When you dodge a challenge you are supposed to face today, it waits for you tomorrow. You DON’T overcome a challenge by running away from it. That’s why a coward never makes it.

You want to be great, you want to be the worlds greatest, but how well do you cope with challenges. Do you ignore them or use them to your advantage. That’s a question only you can answer.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin (SEA).



Your future is in God hands, but the step to take is in your hands. God has done his part by placing in you all you need to succeed, it is left for you to use all he has placed inside of you. When you take responsibility, God would back you up tremendously. Heaven help those who take charge of their lives.

Go forth and enjoy the best day of your life today. God bless you.
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.



Life is really very beautiful, it depends on how you see it. What you believe about life determines the perspective through which you see it, which would further determine the way it would present itself to you.

Today, I decide to believe that life is a beautiful thing, a gift from God. Today i decide to see life as a place where i would make it, enjoy myself and be happy.

WHAT DO YOU SEE AND BELIEVE ABOUT LIFE? Submit the answer to your heart.

Have a wonderful and fulfilled day.
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.



QUESTION: Have you ever been in a situation where people have messed you up, when things do not go as planned and when life disappoints you?

LIFE STORY: Watching a match few months ago, a black player playing for a big team was moving forward to take a corner kick. As he was about to take it, a fan from the stands throw a banana at him (that’s a sign of racialism). Rather than feel destabilized and demoralised, he picked up the banana, ate it and played the corner kick. That corner kick actually resulted in a goal.

HMMM: After the match, he was asked why he not only picked up the banana but also ate it. He smiled and replied that it was the banana that gave him the strength to play such a nice corner kick that ended up being scored.

LESSON: When life throw lemons at you, DON’T think twice before making lemonades from them. When people try to pull you down, build their words into a very nice staircase that would take you to the next level.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin (SEA).
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We live in a world where people prefer to live by sight than to live by faith. We live in a world where people judge a book by its cover and prefer not to check the content of the book because they are done with their assumptions. We live in a world where people hold on to first impressions without looking back at the next impression.

There was a day I spoke rudely to a lady because I was tensed and very vexed with her behavior. During this period, there was a lady that was watching me keenly, and that was the first time she saw me after she had heard a lot of nice things about me. She addressed me and publicly told me that she was disappointed with my behavior and it would take a lot of effort to correct the fact that I am a responsible person. She was not concerned with the reason why I behaved that way, all she was concerned with was the fact that I behaved that way. This impressions stuck in her mind, and it took a lot of effort to change that impression.

Communication expert confirm this by saying that people judge you in the first four seconds and then finalize their opinions about you in the next thirty seconds. It takes a whole lot of work to always change this first impressions that’s why you need to always have a solid first impression. Many people have lost contracts, jobs, scholarships and grants because of first impressions.

I have carefully figured out three questions you always need to ask yourself.

QUESTION 1: If someone was to meet you for the very first time, what would they think about you?

QUEESTION 2: If you meet someone for the first time, what do you want them to think about you?

QUESTION 3: How can you strike the balance between question one and two together with the way you talk, dress, think, behave, comport yourself, and more importantly address others?

Look at the leaders you admire, the role-models you cherish so much, how do they dress, behave, think, reason and comport themselves and how they address people. What first impression did they create that made you to fall in love with them?

Remember that you are a winner, so always learn to act and think like one.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin