Who told you that they have stopped thinking, what gave you the impression that they are contented with the current level they are now, who said they are not willing to get better and break boundaries. Those at the top are never  tired of developing new ideas that would make their previous success look obsolete.

Today, I saw a new method Indomie instant noodles used to package the Indomie we all know. They repackaged it, and inside each carton, they put an indomitable comic book.

WHY THE COMIC BOOK? They must have realised that their competitors have seriously upgraded, and have in short surpassed their standard. They need to find a way to remain at the top. Since their major consumers are between the age of 4 to 20, they need to find a way to attract their consumers to always stay motivated to get their product. Just like the Super Strikers I used to love when I was in secondary school, they invented their own comic book.

Like my brother said, many of his mates asked their parents to get a pack of Indomie because they want to have a feel of what their friends have read.  IDEA!!! INNOVATION!!!

Successful people know this principle. They keep thinking of how to develop new ideas, renovate the ideas they have at their disposal or pay people heavily to develop or renovate ideas for them. In short, ideas have not gone obsolete.

IF ALL YOUR IDEAS COME TRUE TODAY, HOW RICH WOULD YOU BE, HOW SUCCESSFUL WOULD YOU BE, HOW FULFILLED WOULD YOU BE? If you DON’T have an answer to this question, then you have a long way to go.

God put in side of you a fantastic thing he called the brain. God has tried for you, its left for you to decide whether you want to use it or not. I am sure your choice would be a wise one. An idea is enough for God to use to bless you.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


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