I understand how you feel, I have been there to, so trust me when I tell you that I know how it feels. I know that feeling of making a very big mistake, I know that feeling of falling below your expectations, I know that feeling of self-betrayal and hurt, not because I am Mr know all, but because I have experienced many of these things.
Each time i sit down to reflect on the mistakes I have made, I realise that I made these mistakes on my own, so I definitely have what it takes to correct them. If I am the inventor then I can be the corrector. I would not sit down and watch the mistakes make me when I have what I need to correct the mistakes to my advantage.

I would not cry, weep or mourn, but I would rather sit down and restrategise.  I made the mistakes, so I would not allow what the environment says, what the people around me says or what the mistake itself is saying. I admit to making the mistake, but I would not surrender to the oppression, torture, damage and demoralising effects of the mistake.
It takes a wise man to do this, it takes a man of purpose and vision to do this. Admit the fact that you made the mistake, but don’t admit the fact that it can ruin your life.

Today, forgive yourself of all the past mistakes you have made, forgive yourself for believing all  the negative things that people around you have said, and the heart breaking words your environment has communicated to you that you have believed and has worked against you.

Remember you are the captain of your soul, don’t allow the mistakes you have previously made to wreck it. I love you, and there is no mistake that  can change that fact.

Until we meet again, remember that you can connect with me on;
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