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Why is techno well used today? Why is Spain out of the world cup so early and why was Barcelona trophy less last season.

Around 2011, Techno mobile brand was known to be the best Chinese phone, or better known as the phone that is best used for alarm because the noise that evolves from the phone can be very defeaning. Techno as of then was for the small boys in town, and they had very few customers.

2009 is a year many Manchester united fans cannot forget. The Barcelona we all knew  then was unstoppable, the way they played was very attractive, and their mode of playing intimidated all their opponents. They won all the trophies at their disposal. Up till 2013, Barcelona as a team were still breaking records with their playing pattern.

Spain, the first team in this modern era to win 3 major national tournament in 8 years. When you see Spain play, you would understand that they follow the Barcelona pattern, and like Barcelona, they reaped huge success.

So what really happened? Why is techno phone found in almost every home today? Why was Barcelona trophy less last season, and why is Spain out of the world cup after just 2 games? The simple answer is CHANGE.

Techno realised that for them to make an impression in the market, and for them to increase their customer base, they needed to CHANGE the qualities of their phones, giving their customers a good product at a cheaper price compared to other established phone brands. CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE….

Barcelona makes football look easy, but they have forgotten that when you do the same thing over and over again, people would get used to it and find a way to stop it. Oppositions got used to their style of football, and they decided to start defending against them then catch them on counter attacks. Their style of football needed a CHANGE which they failed to implement. Spain should have learnt from Barcelona’s experience, but for no reason, they failed to.

Change is compulsory. Change is needed for progress. Change is needed for success. Doing things in a more improved way than how you used to do it is what would bring about a change of position and performance. DON’T be contented with where you are now, you can CHANGE something about something that you do, to give you the best result that you deserve.

You can be the best, but remember that you must be ready for change.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.




Who told you that they have stopped thinking, what gave you the impression that they are contented with the current level they are now, who said they are not willing to get better and break boundaries. Those at the top are never  tired of developing new ideas that would make their previous success look obsolete.

Today, I saw a new method Indomie instant noodles used to package the Indomie we all know. They repackaged it, and inside each carton, they put an indomitable comic book.

WHY THE COMIC BOOK? They must have realised that their competitors have seriously upgraded, and have in short surpassed their standard. They need to find a way to remain at the top. Since their major consumers are between the age of 4 to 20, they need to find a way to attract their consumers to always stay motivated to get their product. Just like the Super Strikers I used to love when I was in secondary school, they invented their own comic book.

Like my brother said, many of his mates asked their parents to get a pack of Indomie because they want to have a feel of what their friends have read.  IDEA!!! INNOVATION!!!

Successful people know this principle. They keep thinking of how to develop new ideas, renovate the ideas they have at their disposal or pay people heavily to develop or renovate ideas for them. In short, ideas have not gone obsolete.

IF ALL YOUR IDEAS COME TRUE TODAY, HOW RICH WOULD YOU BE, HOW SUCCESSFUL WOULD YOU BE, HOW FULFILLED WOULD YOU BE? If you DON’T have an answer to this question, then you have a long way to go.

God put in side of you a fantastic thing he called the brain. God has tried for you, its left for you to decide whether you want to use it or not. I am sure your choice would be a wise one. An idea is enough for God to use to bless you.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.



I understand how you feel, I have been there to, so trust me when I tell you that I know how it feels. I know that feeling of making a very big mistake, I know that feeling of falling below your expectations, I know that feeling of self-betrayal and hurt, not because I am Mr know all, but because I have experienced many of these things.
Each time i sit down to reflect on the mistakes I have made, I realise that I made these mistakes on my own, so I definitely have what it takes to correct them. If I am the inventor then I can be the corrector. I would not sit down and watch the mistakes make me when I have what I need to correct the mistakes to my advantage.

I would not cry, weep or mourn, but I would rather sit down and restrategise.  I made the mistakes, so I would not allow what the environment says, what the people around me says or what the mistake itself is saying. I admit to making the mistake, but I would not surrender to the oppression, torture, damage and demoralising effects of the mistake.
It takes a wise man to do this, it takes a man of purpose and vision to do this. Admit the fact that you made the mistake, but don’t admit the fact that it can ruin your life.

Today, forgive yourself of all the past mistakes you have made, forgive yourself for believing all  the negative things that people around you have said, and the heart breaking words your environment has communicated to you that you have believed and has worked against you.

Remember you are the captain of your soul, don’t allow the mistakes you have previously made to wreck it. I love you, and there is no mistake that  can change that fact.

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