Yesterday, on my way to a meeting, my mind flashed back to 2012 when i saw a man play the guitar in a Daystar (Reverend Sam Adeyemi) programme I was opportuned to attend. This man had half hands (both hands are half, he has no fingers), but the way he played the guitar was so amazing that I couldn’t control my emotions. Everybody stood up to clap for this mysterious man because even being an half handed man could not stop him from playing the guitar.

Who would ever imagine that a man with half hands would make himself so useful by doing something people that have both hands find so hard to do. I am sure almost everybody in that programme would find it hard to forget the man and his guitar experience, because to me its the best I have seen all my life.

NOW TO YOU: What do you do so well that people would always miss you for when you are not around. What do you do so well that people appreciate and would never forget.

If you are going to be a world changer then you have to be so good at something. Focus well on that thing, don’t let anything limit you from achieving that thing. Improve everyday on that thing, don’t stop until you get better on that thing. When you get better, keep getting better than that because in the world where we are now, best is not enough.

You can be better than your best, I would never get tired of saying that.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


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