I remember vividly well that around september 2008 I enrolled into a new school to complete the final lap of secondary school (ss3) education. After writing the entrance exam, I and two other new intakes were asked to join our other colleagues in class until the result of the entrance examination is released.

I remember vividly well that when I joined them in class, I met a very trained and experienced english teacher in class. He gave us a classwork, where we were all asked to write an informal letter to an aunt of ours, telling her about the new things we developed during the break.

I remember vividly well that all through my stay in my previous school, I have always scored nothing lower than 7/10, and in most cases I scored a 8-9/10 in both essay, formal and non formal letter writing. I just realised that I had a thing for constructive writing. I wrote not less than 3 pages each time I was given either a class work or assignment in writing. The ideas kept flowing like a rushing tap.

I remember vividly well, that the next day the english teacher walked all the way from his office down to my class, interrupted the teacher in the class during that period to look for SEUN ALAOFIN, that new student that nobody in the class knew as at then. I sluggishly stood up, and then he said something I would never forget. He said “This is the best I have seen in a very long time. The creativity of this young man is awesome”. This is a man that has taught over 2500 students, and I remember very well that i was in a class that had over 73 students.

NOTE: I am not telling you my story to let you know what I CAN DO, but to challenge, inspire and motivate you to realise what YOU CAN DO. You are unique, God did not create you empty. He has designed you in such a way that you would be useful to yourself, your family, your nation and the world as a whole. It’s your job to discover this special uniqueness in you.

FOR REAL: We can always work together to discover the real you with the help of God, if you let me. I am ready, are you?

Till we meet again, remember you can add or interact better with me on;
Whatsapp: 08139051353
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