I was in a mini restaurant some few days ago; trying to get something to eat that would reasonably quench my hunger. Looking at the way the young man was preparing the food, I was practically impressed with his skills, and I decided to ask him how he mastered this act because I noticed that a lot of customers troop to his shop. He smiled and smiled, and then he told me three qualities that actually helped him.

Quality One: He learnt the work very well from people that are into the same line of business before he opened his own business. He explained that he spent close to six years serving his master and learning all the tricks and mastery of the job before he deemed it fit to establish his own. In every business, experience is very important, and it is always advisable to know the in and out of what you to venture into before you put all the money you have into it in order to avoid heart attack.

Quality Two: Offer quality products in a conducive and neat environment. It is not just enough to offer quality products, the environment in which the product is produced has to be well arranged and packaged in a way that would invite customers. The neatness and conduciveness of your environment is what would attract the customers in the first place, your product quality is what would make them come back next time not just alone but with family and friends.

Quality Three: There is no substitute for hardwork in the world of business. He explained that he does not leave his shop until his customers leave because of the kind of business he is into, stating an example of a day he had to close 5am only to wake up 8am so that he could make his shop neat and conducive. When a business is still young, you might not be able to employ enough staffs, so you need to put in more effort to ensure that you satisfy your customers well.

If you are ready to ensure that each customer that gets your product comes back with family and friends, then you need to increase your performance efficiency and productivity. I can’t wait to see that product go global. Keep shinning, you can make it. You can be the next Bill Gates in your chosen field. I believe in you.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


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  1. fldinafrica says :

    Woooow!……thats brilliant!

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