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Yesterday, on my way to a meeting, my mind flashed back to 2012 when i saw a man play the guitar in a Daystar (Reverend Sam Adeyemi) programme I was opportuned to attend. This man had half hands (both hands are half, he has no fingers), but the way he played the guitar was so amazing that I couldn’t control my emotions. Everybody stood up to clap for this mysterious man because even being an half handed man could not stop him from playing the guitar.

Who would ever imagine that a man with half hands would make himself so useful by doing something people that have both hands find so hard to do. I am sure almost everybody in that programme would find it hard to forget the man and his guitar experience, because to me its the best I have seen all my life.

NOW TO YOU: What do you do so well that people would always miss you for when you are not around. What do you do so well that people appreciate and would never forget.

If you are going to be a world changer then you have to be so good at something. Focus well on that thing, don’t let anything limit you from achieving that thing. Improve everyday on that thing, don’t stop until you get better on that thing. When you get better, keep getting better than that because in the world where we are now, best is not enough.

You can be better than your best, I would never get tired of saying that.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.



I remember vividly well that around september 2008 I enrolled into a new school to complete the final lap of secondary school (ss3) education. After writing the entrance exam, I and two other new intakes were asked to join our other colleagues in class until the result of the entrance examination is released.

I remember vividly well that when I joined them in class, I met a very trained and experienced english teacher in class. He gave us a classwork, where we were all asked to write an informal letter to an aunt of ours, telling her about the new things we developed during the break.

I remember vividly well that all through my stay in my previous school, I have always scored nothing lower than 7/10, and in most cases I scored a 8-9/10 in both essay, formal and non formal letter writing. I just realised that I had a thing for constructive writing. I wrote not less than 3 pages each time I was given either a class work or assignment in writing. The ideas kept flowing like a rushing tap.

I remember vividly well, that the next day the english teacher walked all the way from his office down to my class, interrupted the teacher in the class during that period to look for SEUN ALAOFIN, that new student that nobody in the class knew as at then. I sluggishly stood up, and then he said something I would never forget. He said “This is the best I have seen in a very long time. The creativity of this young man is awesome”. This is a man that has taught over 2500 students, and I remember very well that i was in a class that had over 73 students.

NOTE: I am not telling you my story to let you know what I CAN DO, but to challenge, inspire and motivate you to realise what YOU CAN DO. You are unique, God did not create you empty. He has designed you in such a way that you would be useful to yourself, your family, your nation and the world as a whole. It’s your job to discover this special uniqueness in you.

FOR REAL: We can always work together to discover the real you with the help of God, if you let me. I am ready, are you?

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I was in a mini restaurant some few days ago; trying to get something to eat that would reasonably quench my hunger. Looking at the way the young man was preparing the food, I was practically impressed with his skills, and I decided to ask him how he mastered this act because I noticed that a lot of customers troop to his shop. He smiled and smiled, and then he told me three qualities that actually helped him.

Quality One: He learnt the work very well from people that are into the same line of business before he opened his own business. He explained that he spent close to six years serving his master and learning all the tricks and mastery of the job before he deemed it fit to establish his own. In every business, experience is very important, and it is always advisable to know the in and out of what you to venture into before you put all the money you have into it in order to avoid heart attack.

Quality Two: Offer quality products in a conducive and neat environment. It is not just enough to offer quality products, the environment in which the product is produced has to be well arranged and packaged in a way that would invite customers. The neatness and conduciveness of your environment is what would attract the customers in the first place, your product quality is what would make them come back next time not just alone but with family and friends.

Quality Three: There is no substitute for hardwork in the world of business. He explained that he does not leave his shop until his customers leave because of the kind of business he is into, stating an example of a day he had to close 5am only to wake up 8am so that he could make his shop neat and conducive. When a business is still young, you might not be able to employ enough staffs, so you need to put in more effort to ensure that you satisfy your customers well.

If you are ready to ensure that each customer that gets your product comes back with family and friends, then you need to increase your performance efficiency and productivity. I can’t wait to see that product go global. Keep shinning, you can make it. You can be the next Bill Gates in your chosen field. I believe in you.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


There is a particular comedy carton I love so much, especially the part where they said “E NEVER SHOW, E NEVER SHOW OOO”. This particular cartoon comedy captured my attention because of the high level of creativity.

Who would believe that a man would be able to feed his family, buy beautiful mansions, buy nice cars and travel to so many foreign nations with a profession of that entails just making people laugh. CREATIVITY!!!

Creativity has taken all over the world. So many people are doing what you are currently doing, but a few are at the top of the game because they have spiced up their ideas, knowledge and experience with creativity.

How creative are you? Your creativity done show? If you creativity never show, abeg do sharp sharp make I’m show o.
Remember say your na your creativity level go determine your performance level.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


1. Imagine this moment, someone walks up to you and tells you to ask for a wish. Just imagine a man waking you up from your sleep and telling you that he wants to give you that very spectacular thing you had always wanted/appreciated/desired/wished for.


3. Close your eyes and empty your mind. Now to the big question, what is popping up in your mind first? What is that particular thing that you would ask for? What is that particular thing that would make your life much better if you have it? Are you still thinking?

4. Why would you ask for that wish? What is your reason? Think harder, why not any other wish?

5. How badly do you want this wish? Is this wish something you can do with or do without? Is this wish a want or a need? Is the wish necessary? Note, if the wish is not necessary, if the wish is not something that would make you better than you are now, think of another wish.

6. Now come out of this imagination. I can see you are probably sweating by now, dreaming that wish had come true. Come to think of it, what do you really need to do to ensure that this wish is achievable?

7. Do you actually have the required action and necessary prerequisite needed to ensure that you turn this wish into reality? If no, there is much work to be done, it’s time for you to stop day dreaming and start taking charge. Remember, you have just this one life; you can’t afford not to have this wish.

8. Is there any human effort aside yours that is needed to ensure that this wish comes into actualization? If yes, who are they and what role are they going to be playing?

9. Are you ready to actualize this wish now? What are you plans and ideas towards actualizing this wish? In short, how prepared are you?

10. Remember, we are talking about your greatest wish here, something you desire so much that would ensure that you have a bright future. Have you asked the creator of the universe to help you in achieving this wish? Remember, he is caring and loving, if you call on him he would always be there to answer you.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin