Everybody desire and deserves to be a good leader, but there are some distinguishable qualities that every leader that is good possesses. Here are three qualities:

1.Follow well: One of the basic rules governing our planet earth is the law of cause and effect, in its real sense the bible calls it the law of sowing and reaping. To be a good leader, you must be a good follower. ‘’How?’’. Seek the growth of your society, never conspire or criticize your present leaders, instead advise and respectfully correct them. In doing this, you would gather the knowledge of how to lead, the experience needed to be a good leader, and how to treat and handle your followers when you are entrusted with leadership positions.

2.Take responsibility: Sequel to following well, good leaders acknowledge that they are responsible for what happens to them in their personal lives, current political position, body or organisation they are heading. They don’t cast blames on people, they don’t pass the garbage box but rather take every negative situation as a challenge to do better, improve better and get better. Bad leaders pass and complain about the blame, good leaders fix the blame.

3.BE DISCIPLINED: Self-discipline is one essential quality needed for success in any endeavour, especially one that involves other leadership. Self-discipline is the mastery to riches – Napoleon Hill. Leadership qualities get sharpened in a person that is well disciplined because a disciplined person is a self-developing person, a person of integrity and character. A self-disciplined person can differentiate between his needs and his wants, differentiate between what is needed now and what can wait for the main time. A disciplined leader is a successful leader.



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