Some weeks ago, I was discussing with a friend of mine, and after some minutes I was forced to ask him a question I would also love to ask you today. ‘’IF YOU HAD FULL KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT YOU CURRENTLY DOING TODAY, KNOWING WHAT YOU KNOW NOW ABOUT IT, WOULD YOU START IT ALL OVER AGAIN IF YOU WERE GIVEN ANOTHER CHANCE TO’’.

His reply was a NO, and I have come to realize that so many people would give a NO when they answer this question. If you fall into this category, it simply measn that you are not doing what the you inside of you desires to do, you are not currently doing what makes you fulfilled and accomplished, you are not happy with what you are doing, and definitely you are not performing at your very best because you cannot give your best where you are not enjoying personal fulfilment.

If you are giving the opportunity to currently leave this particular thing you are doing now that’s not giving you fulfilment, and you are asked to venture into something new that would make you fulfilled and would improve your personal effectiveness, what would you choose, what would the you inside of you long for, what would be your first reply, do you have any clue?

If you have a clue, start working on that clue, start developing yourself in that aspect because where your heart lies is where you would be able to bring out your personal best. You can be your best when you do what you do best. If you don’t have a clue, write down what makes you happy when you do it, what you do best each time you do it, what makes you express your talents and unique abilities.

What was the reason why you decided to do what you currently doing now that is not bringing out the best in you is one thing you need to know in order to enable you drop it. To Mr. A, it could be because he needed a job urgently, and the only job he could get was that, Mr. B could have started the business because he taught it was more profitable than the other options he had to choose from. Have you ever asked yourself if you would gain or lose if you currently drop this thing you are currently doing now? This is your decision to make, be wise.

You can be the best in what you do, you are so unique and different that your talent and effectiveness is needed where you can function well, never decide to settle for less. Believe in yourself that you can be the best when your talents and natural abilities are in play.

Welcome to another level of personal effectiveness and productivity.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


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