1.You made it out of your mother’s womb. This is the first reason and I believe you need to celebrate yourself. So many people stayed up to 9 months but still could not make it out of that place they call the womb. Your purpose in life is so unique that God could not afford to make the world lose out on such huge potentials.

2.You are still alive. The only person that I believe cannot make it in life is a person that is dead and buried. When there is life, there is hope, and when there is hope, there is still a chance that you will make it, that you would break limits and achieve the impossible. Now it all depends on you.

3.You used your hand to click on this post just to read this article. If you had probably given up on yourself, you would probably have seen this article like many others did and you would have neglected it. I am very sure you could not overlook this article because of this believe you have in yourself. You wanted to justify this believe you have in yourself, and I am sure when you are done reading, you would be fired up.

4.You are charged up now. I am sure you are so surprised with the first three reasons. Now I can sense a sudden drive in you, I can sense a sudden pump of adrenaline flowing inside of you, I can smell that strong zeal, that will to do more, that will to accomplish more than you have accomplished. At this point, you are charged up and you can’t let anything stop you. The good thing is, I am as charged as you are and I just can’t wait to see you exceed your limits.

5.You have suddenly become more positive. Now I can sense that unique feeling of positivity, flowing all over you. You have suddenly developed a positive mental attitude. Now I can see you picturing yourself at the top, in your dream car, your dream house, doing your dream job, fulfilled and happy with that special person. Now you are telling yourself, if I can picture it, I can achieve it. You are telling yourself in your mind that you can make it. Now tell me, why I would not believe in you.

6.You are affirming positive words into your life. I have come to realise that a close mouth is a close destiny and I have also come to realise that people that do not believe in themselves are people that have closed their mouths. Now I can sense that you mouth is wide open and you are beginning to confess positive things into your life. Words like ‘’I believe I can make it’’, ‘’I believe I am destined for greater things’’, ‘’I am the best next thing to happen to my world’’. I can see you affirm great things into your life, and from my experience I believe that these affirmations would work for you.

7.You have a new mentality. At this point, I am sure that you have a renewed thought, you have an optimistic spirit and your mouth is filled with confident words. At this point, you have moved from the ‘’I doubt I can make it’’ to ‘’yes, I know I am destined to make it’’. You have moved from the ‘’I am a nobody’’ to ‘’yes, I can boast of being a peculiar somebody’’. Your shift in mind frame is simply amazing, and this has given me another fantastic belief that yes you can make it.

8.You have a book and a pen in your hands: wow, I can’t believe we have gone this far. With this new mentality, you have decided to set new goals and expectations for yourself. Remember, a dream is just a wish until it is written down. Now you are taking a closer look at yourself, you are looking deep, reflecting on the past years, looking at the present and planning for the future. Now I can see you writing down things you want to achieve, how you want to achieve them, why you want to achieve them and how they would benefit your life if you achieve them. You have simply become conscious of the fact that you can still make it, and now you know that you need to plan your life for you to make it. Now you know another reason why I believe in you.

9.You are ready to take action. You have decided to take action on each of the goals you set. You have this burning desire to achieve your goals and now you are ready to turn these desires into actions. You have decided to conquer fear and procrastination and you are ready to clarify your ambitions and values. I respect your zeal, and with this I must confess that these believe that I have in you has grown stronger and better. I just can’t wait to see you at the top.

10.You would not want to disappoint me. Now I know how you feeling. You thinking in your mind that how could someone I have not met before have so much believe in me. I believe in you because you are the next big thing that would create a positive impact in our world. Don’t disappoint me!

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


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  1. poetic timmy says :

    I’m inspired I’m great I know

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