Good leadership is essential to the success of any team and they are various factors which makes some leaders better than others.
1. INNOVATION: Steve Jobs once said what separates leaders from followers is innovation. Innovative leader does not go where the path may lead but instead creates a trail where there was no path. People want to be led by someone who takes them to the next level who has dreams and takes them to a different world. As a leader always bring innovative solutions and ideas on the table
2. PASSIONATE: There is no way you can be a good leader in any area you are not passionate about. Find the area you are passionate about and work on it because it is from there that you’re true efforts are seen.
3. SERVANT LEADER: As a leader you have to wok an extra mile. Jesus reflected this for us when he had to wash his disciples’ feet. At times you have to be the first to be at work and the last to leave. Lead by example and always set pace for your employees. Don’t have to always have a habit of telling them what to do, let them see what to do. At times you will have to use your personal resources for the organization. Be humble in your dealings and whenever you are wrong just simply admit and apologize.
4. LISTEN AND COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY: Have time to listen to the environment you operate in, the people you work with so that you know what they want. Don’t ever monopolize and centralize decisions and information too much to yourself, this will make them not feel as part of the organization. And whenever you communicate with your subordinates be gentle and understanding, don’t be in a rush to conclude.
5. HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Positive thoughts attract positive actions. Take every mistake as an opportunity to work from and don’t have the habit of degrading your subordinates just because of a few mistakes they might have made.
6. MOTIVATE AND ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOUR TEAM: Good leaders believe in their team, they try and always keep them well motivated. People feel safe if they with someone who believes in them. Never tell them they are not good enough but see and appreciate the good they always do
7. BE DECISIVE: As a leader you have to realize that you are responsible for your actions hence and be bold enough to make decisions. Be prepared to stand with the consequences because every decision has its own. Don’t fear people when making decisions but decide on what’s best for the company. Research before making a decision and consult others, avoid making uninformed decisions.
8. ADAPTABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY: those who resist change will be always left out. Make it a point to adopt quickly to change and keep up with trends. Also do not just wait for change, be to change but at times you have to create change.



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