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Everybody desire and deserves to be a good leader, but there are some distinguishable qualities that every leader that is good possesses. Here are three qualities:

1.Follow well: One of the basic rules governing our planet earth is the law of cause and effect, in its real sense the bible calls it the law of sowing and reaping. To be a good leader, you must be a good follower. ‘’How?’’. Seek the growth of your society, never conspire or criticize your present leaders, instead advise and respectfully correct them. In doing this, you would gather the knowledge of how to lead, the experience needed to be a good leader, and how to treat and handle your followers when you are entrusted with leadership positions.

2.Take responsibility: Sequel to following well, good leaders acknowledge that they are responsible for what happens to them in their personal lives, current political position, body or organisation they are heading. They don’t cast blames on people, they don’t pass the garbage box but rather take every negative situation as a challenge to do better, improve better and get better. Bad leaders pass and complain about the blame, good leaders fix the blame.

3.BE DISCIPLINED: Self-discipline is one essential quality needed for success in any endeavour, especially one that involves other leadership. Self-discipline is the mastery to riches – Napoleon Hill. Leadership qualities get sharpened in a person that is well disciplined because a disciplined person is a self-developing person, a person of integrity and character. A self-disciplined person can differentiate between his needs and his wants, differentiate between what is needed now and what can wait for the main time. A disciplined leader is a successful leader.




Within my few years on earth, I have realised that successful people experience a large amount of failure, but yet do not give up until they become successful. A huge mistake many make is giving up when they are not yet in the position they should give up because they lack persistence, ambition to aim above mediocrity, self-discipline, well defined purpose, enthusiasm and concentration of effort.

Aliko Dangote, the president and chief executive officer of Dangote group in the year 2010 was 463rd richest man in the whole world according to Forbes ranking, and he was worth 2.1 billion dollars (a significant drop from 3.3 billion dollars that he recorded in 2008). During this period, many considered the drop in net worth a failure, but instead of rolling out the drum, he rolled up his sleeves. In 2011, Aliko Dangote was the 51st richest man in the world, with a net worth of 13.8 billion dollars. Finally, in 2013 Aliko Dangote finally broke the jinx of becoming the first black man to pass the 20 billion dollars mark. Currently, he is 25rd on the list of the richest people in the whole world.

The reason why dangote is more successful than the rest is because he failed to give up. You are more than what you think you are, remember that if you think well, you would never entertain the thought of keeping files for you.
The final product of failure is the raw material of success, and a man who has never failed may never know how to succeed. You think you have tried enough, why don’t you try more until you get the result you would be proud to call a success. Winners are not those who do not fail, but those who do not give up. Always encourage and tell yourself that you would never give up. Winners are strong willed, persistent, dogged in spirit, and those who never allow their background to determine their future.

By Oguntola Adelowo


Some weeks ago, I was discussing with a friend of mine, and after some minutes I was forced to ask him a question I would also love to ask you today. ‘’IF YOU HAD FULL KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT YOU CURRENTLY DOING TODAY, KNOWING WHAT YOU KNOW NOW ABOUT IT, WOULD YOU START IT ALL OVER AGAIN IF YOU WERE GIVEN ANOTHER CHANCE TO’’.

His reply was a NO, and I have come to realize that so many people would give a NO when they answer this question. If you fall into this category, it simply measn that you are not doing what the you inside of you desires to do, you are not currently doing what makes you fulfilled and accomplished, you are not happy with what you are doing, and definitely you are not performing at your very best because you cannot give your best where you are not enjoying personal fulfilment.

If you are giving the opportunity to currently leave this particular thing you are doing now that’s not giving you fulfilment, and you are asked to venture into something new that would make you fulfilled and would improve your personal effectiveness, what would you choose, what would the you inside of you long for, what would be your first reply, do you have any clue?

If you have a clue, start working on that clue, start developing yourself in that aspect because where your heart lies is where you would be able to bring out your personal best. You can be your best when you do what you do best. If you don’t have a clue, write down what makes you happy when you do it, what you do best each time you do it, what makes you express your talents and unique abilities.

What was the reason why you decided to do what you currently doing now that is not bringing out the best in you is one thing you need to know in order to enable you drop it. To Mr. A, it could be because he needed a job urgently, and the only job he could get was that, Mr. B could have started the business because he taught it was more profitable than the other options he had to choose from. Have you ever asked yourself if you would gain or lose if you currently drop this thing you are currently doing now? This is your decision to make, be wise.

You can be the best in what you do, you are so unique and different that your talent and effectiveness is needed where you can function well, never decide to settle for less. Believe in yourself that you can be the best when your talents and natural abilities are in play.

Welcome to another level of personal effectiveness and productivity.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


God is so wise that he would not give such a big and strong idea to a weak and feeble minded person.

God knows that you can achieve what you have started, that’s why he gave you the grace to move beyond just conceiving this idea.

Its to late to give up now… Keep pushing forward. You have not gotten doesn’t mean that you won’t get there, or you are not the best there.

I believe in you, do you believe in yourself?

Good afternoon…….. Let’s keep the conversation rolling.


1.You made it out of your mother’s womb. This is the first reason and I believe you need to celebrate yourself. So many people stayed up to 9 months but still could not make it out of that place they call the womb. Your purpose in life is so unique that God could not afford to make the world lose out on such huge potentials.

2.You are still alive. The only person that I believe cannot make it in life is a person that is dead and buried. When there is life, there is hope, and when there is hope, there is still a chance that you will make it, that you would break limits and achieve the impossible. Now it all depends on you.

3.You used your hand to click on this post just to read this article. If you had probably given up on yourself, you would probably have seen this article like many others did and you would have neglected it. I am very sure you could not overlook this article because of this believe you have in yourself. You wanted to justify this believe you have in yourself, and I am sure when you are done reading, you would be fired up.

4.You are charged up now. I am sure you are so surprised with the first three reasons. Now I can sense a sudden drive in you, I can sense a sudden pump of adrenaline flowing inside of you, I can smell that strong zeal, that will to do more, that will to accomplish more than you have accomplished. At this point, you are charged up and you can’t let anything stop you. The good thing is, I am as charged as you are and I just can’t wait to see you exceed your limits.

5.You have suddenly become more positive. Now I can sense that unique feeling of positivity, flowing all over you. You have suddenly developed a positive mental attitude. Now I can see you picturing yourself at the top, in your dream car, your dream house, doing your dream job, fulfilled and happy with that special person. Now you are telling yourself, if I can picture it, I can achieve it. You are telling yourself in your mind that you can make it. Now tell me, why I would not believe in you.

6.You are affirming positive words into your life. I have come to realise that a close mouth is a close destiny and I have also come to realise that people that do not believe in themselves are people that have closed their mouths. Now I can sense that you mouth is wide open and you are beginning to confess positive things into your life. Words like ‘’I believe I can make it’’, ‘’I believe I am destined for greater things’’, ‘’I am the best next thing to happen to my world’’. I can see you affirm great things into your life, and from my experience I believe that these affirmations would work for you.

7.You have a new mentality. At this point, I am sure that you have a renewed thought, you have an optimistic spirit and your mouth is filled with confident words. At this point, you have moved from the ‘’I doubt I can make it’’ to ‘’yes, I know I am destined to make it’’. You have moved from the ‘’I am a nobody’’ to ‘’yes, I can boast of being a peculiar somebody’’. Your shift in mind frame is simply amazing, and this has given me another fantastic belief that yes you can make it.

8.You have a book and a pen in your hands: wow, I can’t believe we have gone this far. With this new mentality, you have decided to set new goals and expectations for yourself. Remember, a dream is just a wish until it is written down. Now you are taking a closer look at yourself, you are looking deep, reflecting on the past years, looking at the present and planning for the future. Now I can see you writing down things you want to achieve, how you want to achieve them, why you want to achieve them and how they would benefit your life if you achieve them. You have simply become conscious of the fact that you can still make it, and now you know that you need to plan your life for you to make it. Now you know another reason why I believe in you.

9.You are ready to take action. You have decided to take action on each of the goals you set. You have this burning desire to achieve your goals and now you are ready to turn these desires into actions. You have decided to conquer fear and procrastination and you are ready to clarify your ambitions and values. I respect your zeal, and with this I must confess that these believe that I have in you has grown stronger and better. I just can’t wait to see you at the top.

10.You would not want to disappoint me. Now I know how you feeling. You thinking in your mind that how could someone I have not met before have so much believe in me. I believe in you because you are the next big thing that would create a positive impact in our world. Don’t disappoint me!

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.





As much as you find it hard to comprehend, people prefer you being you, being real and genuine when you are with them. Being you brings loyalty and genuine love with the people around you. People prefer to be with people that are sincere about themselves because this enables them to know what to trust you with and what not to trust you with thereby avoiding them being hurt. it is better to avoid relationships where being you is not appreciated than hiding your true self just to please people that would not appreciate your real you. Avoid hypocrisy, it kills relationship.


People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care was the parting word a friend of mine gave me. People that are good at getting along with people are those that treat people around them like blood brothers and sisters. Do you care about the people around you? Do you notice when they are in distress and discomfort? Do you care if their family is ok? Do you ask about their welfare? Make someone happy today, ask about their welfare and their progress at their workplace and with their plans and you would be sure to build a genuine relationship. Remember that in practising this, you must do it with a genuine heart.


The greatest of leaders are known for something, they have a large heart.  People would hurt you, people would betray you, people would mouth wash you, people would back stab you, people would ditch you, but my question for you is when they do this how do you respond? Are you the kind of person that believes in repaying evil for evil deeds; are you the kind of person that would never feel comfortable until you revenge on someone that hurts you? Getting along with others requires that you put on a smiling face with a large heart that forgives easily when people hurt you. Two negatives would never bring a positive, but would rather instil more hatred which is not necessary. People respect people that have large hearts therefore making them get along easily.


From my experience in life, I have been made to realise that proud people use their pride to block people from getting along with them. A proud man never comes down to the level of people around him because in his little mind he believes he is bigger and better than those around him. Little wonder why he is not corrected when he makes mistakes and people around him don’t care when he is in danger or in trouble. Humble people treat people with respect so they get along with them, they don’t look down on people so they are always appreciated by people around them.  Learn to stay humble or watch your relationship with people stumble.



Good leadership is essential to the success of any team and they are various factors which makes some leaders better than others.
1. INNOVATION: Steve Jobs once said what separates leaders from followers is innovation. Innovative leader does not go where the path may lead but instead creates a trail where there was no path. People want to be led by someone who takes them to the next level who has dreams and takes them to a different world. As a leader always bring innovative solutions and ideas on the table
2. PASSIONATE: There is no way you can be a good leader in any area you are not passionate about. Find the area you are passionate about and work on it because it is from there that you’re true efforts are seen.
3. SERVANT LEADER: As a leader you have to wok an extra mile. Jesus reflected this for us when he had to wash his disciples’ feet. At times you have to be the first to be at work and the last to leave. Lead by example and always set pace for your employees. Don’t have to always have a habit of telling them what to do, let them see what to do. At times you will have to use your personal resources for the organization. Be humble in your dealings and whenever you are wrong just simply admit and apologize.
4. LISTEN AND COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY: Have time to listen to the environment you operate in, the people you work with so that you know what they want. Don’t ever monopolize and centralize decisions and information too much to yourself, this will make them not feel as part of the organization. And whenever you communicate with your subordinates be gentle and understanding, don’t be in a rush to conclude.
5. HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Positive thoughts attract positive actions. Take every mistake as an opportunity to work from and don’t have the habit of degrading your subordinates just because of a few mistakes they might have made.
6. MOTIVATE AND ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOUR TEAM: Good leaders believe in their team, they try and always keep them well motivated. People feel safe if they with someone who believes in them. Never tell them they are not good enough but see and appreciate the good they always do
7. BE DECISIVE: As a leader you have to realize that you are responsible for your actions hence and be bold enough to make decisions. Be prepared to stand with the consequences because every decision has its own. Don’t fear people when making decisions but decide on what’s best for the company. Research before making a decision and consult others, avoid making uninformed decisions.
8. ADAPTABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY: those who resist change will be always left out. Make it a point to adopt quickly to change and keep up with trends. Also do not just wait for change, be to change but at times you have to create change.