Pastor (Mrs.) Folashade Adebisi

Text: 16: 16-30

“Now it happened as we went to prayer that a certain slave girl possessed with a spirit of divination met us, who brought her master much profit….”

Paul and Silas were men of God and people were against them. The Lord is asking you, ‘how do you spend your midnight? Paul and Silas were taken to the prison after the strife against them, but they never cease to serve God, yet they were taken to the depth of the prison. A well trained child does not walk during midnight hour because a lot of things happen during that time either good or bad. After being tortured, Paul and Silas continued to praise God during the midnight hour.

How do you handle your midnight? Night comes before morning. How many things have you been through? Midnight is when God speaks to you. Daniel went through his midnight hour but he served God for ever. Also Shedrack, Meshack and Abednego were thrown into the fire but they never ceased to serve God. (Ps. 22:1-8). What you do with your midnight matters a lot. Many have seen you coming to church but they ridicule you, just ignore them and concentrate on what to do with your midnight. Do you glorify God during your midnight hour? Do you worship Him or your problems? You have to praise and glorify God even in your situation. (Mt. 26:36). You have to go through your midnight on your own, no one spends midnight seeking for help where there is none; God is the only one that can help the righteous. No matter what the problem, joy comes in the morning. It then depends on how you spend your midnight. What do you do when you are going through problems?

The rain must come before the rainbows. Paul and Silas were thrown into the innermost part of the prison, they don’t know when it’s raining, sunny or stormy, but they prayed during the midnight hour and praised God fervently. You have to learn to sing and praise God during your midnight hour. Are you seeking for a job, or you believe God for a child, always praise God in your midnight hour. When you learn to praise God in the midnight, there will be great earthquake against your situation. Nobody can stop you from praising God because you are in the house of God. Until you learn to praise God in your midnight hour, the chains of your life will then be broken. There is no time you praise God and He will not reward you because praise moves Him. He doesn’t need your food, money or gift but praise is what He wants from you.

Always determine to praise God in every situation no matter the circumstance. Learn to rejoice and praise God, let the devil take notice of you praising God; and don’t give a damn. “In everything, give thanks”. “Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning”. It’s not about the clothes, shoes you wear but learn to praise God in your midnight hour.


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