‘It takes two to tango”. Every human was born out of a sexual activity or an intercourse. Take a concentrated look at different species of animals and how they vary their actions during pre-mating, mating and post-mating.

There’s first, a ‘good sight’ of the opposite sex. Attempts to be noticed by each other come next. At the success of been noticed, an attraction occurs, & then a little sensual play follows. Sometimes, it might be running around by one and a trail from another. At other times, it might be ‘pre-mate’ combat and this mostly paves way for ‘mating’.

This is the act of pairing a male and female for reproductive purposes. This can be seen between opposite sexes. There’s a coming together of these sexes for the purpose of copulation or coition. Energy is expended and emotions are hyperactive.

The backwash of the above named process is the formation of a new progeny now & then. There’s expectancy. A new product is borne.  A ‘play’ through a ‘process’ to a ‘product’ is what it becomes.

This, simply, is intercourse in brief! Humans are caught in sexual activities likewise the lower animals too. But there’s this unnoticed coital activity that humans [higher animals] are caught up in. This activity happens daily amongst us. It can be an expression of the human mess or her beauty as the case might be.

Formally, ‘Two heads are far better than one’. Presently, ‘Two good heads are far better than one’. From ‘The Men Who Built America’; despite the rifts between Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and J. P. Morgan, there came a moment when forces had to be united to stamp out what seemed a menace to them. That ‘unison’ and joint ‘cerebrations’ got the odds in their favour. From Deval Patrick’s book ‘A Reason To Believe’; at a table for four [Deval Patrick & wife, Barack & Michelle Obama], Barack Obama told Deval he would be running for Presidency of the United States [obviously the first time he mentioned it to anyone]. Deval in reply gave Obama is opinion which seemingly set off the ‘President’ in Obama.

In the rubbing of minds together, there’s an unnoticed ‘mind intercourse’. You want to do something! You always seek out a mind that’s similar to yours or that’s better in beauty and creativity than yours. You woo this mind by saying ‘check this out’ or ‘let’s rub minds together’. The ‘check this out’ is the ‘sensual play’. The ‘actual rubbing’ is the ‘coital processes’. The ‘beautiful solution’ is the ‘product’; the offshoot of the process of rubbing minds together.

The three Ps are Play, Process and Product. ‘Two beautiful minds are better than one’. Every masterpiece that has been created or still in the pipeline of ‘creativity’ is predicated on play, process and product. Same applies to every evil that ‘messed-up’ minds have produced. Every time one joins forces with another mind, there’s a display of ‘mind intercourse’ in its simplicity.

Just like you hit a brick wall at an attempt to solve a math problem, and you perform a ‘check this out’ on a friend and with a conjured force, a solution emerges. Yay! You scream out of glee. Similar to that is the conjuring of minds. Difficulty is simplified. The brick wall is floored without delay. Rub minds as much as you can but ensure it’s a mind that rains beauty. You will be amazed by what conjured minds could come up with.

Your mind is powerful! Manage it effectively for productivity.

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W: www.agbarapaschal.com/about-me


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