November 2013, I was in a room with a team in my church for two hours trying to solve a problem we all thought was impossible to solve. Before we entered the room to solve the problem, we had resolved in our heart that this problem was unsolvable so we did not put in much effort. As we were about to close the meeting, a man came in and the problem was introduced to him. Some few minutes later, he came up with an idea that solved the problem completely.

At the wedding that took place at Cana in Galilee, the wine they were to serve visitors had finished and they still had some visitors that were yet to taste wine. To the organisers of the wedding, they had a problem that they could not solve because to them, wine would be hard to get at that time.  To the mother of Jesus Christ she had the perfect solution to their problem (Jesus Christ), and HE solved the problem so well that the wine was commended from different quarters.

In every problematic situation, we have the Solution doubters, the Blamers and the Solution getters (finders). The Doubters are those that have resolved in their heart that the problem at hand cannot be solved and they have decided not to look for any solution because to them it’s a waste of time. The blamers are those that are always ready to shift the responsibility of the problems to the neck of the next person (partners, team associate, and neighbours). Just like the solution doubters, they have no solution, and to remove the guilt from their head, they decide to shift the blame on others so they can excuse themselves from solving this problem.

The solution getters are those who understand that for every problem there is always an expiry date, a solution then an opportunity. Every problem solved in your place of work, project, and business comes with a very good opportunity that would take the company, business or project a step further.

Successful people are Problem Solvers; Unsuccessful People are Solution doubters and blamers. You can decide to step up your genuine success pursuit today by having a strong determination to solve every problem that has hindered your progress in what you are doing currently. Remember, a problem you run away from today would not run away from you. The problem would keep growing stronger and hereby affecting your efficiency and productivity.

Be the Joseph that would liberate the Israelites from Goliath rather than be the Saul or his Soldiers that would run away each time they hear the empty threats of Goliath. You have a God that is ever ready to support you; don’t forget to also call on him for his assistance. I can’t wait to see you conquer your problems with the help of God.

NOTE: When resolving these problems, remain CALM and CONFIDENT because God is with you.

Congratulations, you have just broken another limitation.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


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