1.       Thou shall be disciplined.

2.      Thou shall be focused.

3.      Thou shall be determined.

4.      Thou shall decide to take thy life serious.

5.      Thou hall stay humble.

6.      Thou shall embrace humility and despise pride.

7.      Thou shall embrace meaningful decisions.

8.      Thou shall have vision and mission.

9.      Thou shall have goals, objectives, strategies and plans.

10.  Thou shall take positive actions on thy plans.

11.  Thou shall always remain motivated.

12.  Thou shall seek for wisdom, knowledge and understanding which is given by God.

13.  Thou shall serve God who is the true reason for our existence.

14.  Thou shall embrace honesty and integrity.

15.  Thou shall learn how to work well with people, manage relationships and ensure that you get the best from people that work with you.

16.  Thou shall never give up on yourself and look down on yourself.

17.  Thou shall learn to start with available resources that are available on ground.

18.  Thou shall learn to love thy neighbours like you love yourself.

19.  Thou shall have mentors and teacher that impact positive knowledge.

20.  Thou shall not believe what negative minds say about you.

21.  Thou shall follow all these rules meticulously.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


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