I was talking to a guy a very good friend of mine introduced to me some weeks ago. The guy has a talent in writing poems, and he has won some awards with this talent of his.  I asked for his blog so I could read through some of his works, only for him to tell me that he does not have a blog. I asked for the reason and he started giving me excuses like he does not have a laptop and a browsing facility (but he has a functioning blackberry phone).

I remember when I started Blogging September 2012, I had no laptop, no browsing facility and no blackberry phone (I was using the old Nokia Xpress music), yet I started blogging with the available Phone I had then. Today, I have a laptop, a working modem and a nice phone, but more importantly about One and a half Year Experience in blogging because I started with the little resource I had then. I failed to give excuses and I was practically determined to start blogging which I did.

I would be explaining five practical steps to defeating your excuses.

1.       Understand that there would always be a reason to give excuses.  Even when you have all you need to start that fantastic project of yours, there would always be something that you need to make the actualization of the plan better. If you keep looking at reasons not to start, you would never start. Focus on the available resources at your disposal then utilise them. When the available resources at your disposal are well utilised, they would open the way for more resources.

2.       Plan before you start. Planning is the step by step arrangement of how you intend to bring your ideas into actualization. Action without planning is the reason for every failure. Planning makes you more organized and helps you know how to manage all the resources at your disposal to give you the result you desire. There would always be a very good reason to give excuse if you don’t plan before you start.

3.       Give life to the plan. Procrastination and excuses are very Sgood friends. The moment you decide to waste time on actualising your plans as a result of procrastination, you start seeing reasons to give excuses. After planning, inject life in to the plan. Start something, somewhere, somehow with what you have.

4.       Keep the fire burning.  Things would definitely be rough at first, things would be tight and difficult, but always remember that all the big companies and organisations of today started small yesterday.  They are big and better today because they did not give up, they stayed focused and determined, and they kept the fire burning.

5.       Believe in yourself.  The simple truth is you cannot defeat your excuses if you don’t believe in yourself. You have to believe in yourself when no one else does, when circumstances are not favourable and when the tides are going against you. This is what makes you a winner.

I can’t wait to see you defeat your excuses. Keep winning

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


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