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The last thing to be done before you go to bed each night is prayer, but before you pray you must ensure that you plan for the next day. Most people get disappointed or wished they had more time to achieve what they actually wanted to achieve for the day because they did not plan for the day. It is advisable to get a note pad, diary or jotter where you would be jotting down your plans for the next day. You must list the plans according to how important they are and how much time you intend on achieving this plans.


Let’s imagine you wake up 6am every morning, which is when your day actually starts and every minute is essential in achieving all you want to achieve. Pains of yesterday affect the productivity of today, so avoid unnecessary carryovers of pain and regrets. Make conscious efforts to ensure that you settle disturbing issues that would eat deep into your time tomorrow before you close your today.


This is one habit successful people never break away from. The perfect time to start your day is early in the morning. Wake up, do some exercise, freshen up, eat something nice, review your plans and get to work. Remember, it’s not just about waking up early but ensuring that you start working on your plans early enough.


We all have our most productive hours; this is the time when we tend to be more productive, more creative and more composed. At this time we don’t get distracted easily and the energy and enthusiasm needed to perform well is always at its peak. This is the time when it’s best to do the plans that are most paramount on your list because at this time you would be able to put in your best to ensure that you get the maximum result needed.


There are different forms of distractions and it is always best to discover which affects you and how you can overcome such distractions so that you can concentrate more on your work. This could be your mobile phone, your gadgets, you laptop, FIFA 14, that season film or your relationship partner. Always turn off these distractions when you are busy with your plans or they would make you achieve less.


The only thing you would probably achieve trying to do a thousand and one things at the same time is nothing. Focus on one particular plan and don’t pick up another plan unless you are satisfied with the result you have gotten from the task you are working on currently. Take it easy with yourself, if you focus and concentrate on one thing at a time, you would achieve all you need to achieve for the day. Don’t pile unnecessary pressure on yourself.


All work and no play they say makes you not only dull, but bored, stressed and worked out. You need to get refreshed, you need to get your energy back, you need to get fired up back, you need to get some rest, you need to take your time to attend to those things that would have distracted you when you were at work. This is the perfect time to do all these, and remember never miss this moment.


Procrastination is the process of deliberately not doing a particular plan at the appropriate time it is supposed to be done. Procrastination is one of the easiest things to do and it has been confirmed that what you procrastinate today would definitely be procrastinated tomorrow. Procrastination is the best friend of the lazy; don’t give the thought of procrastinating any of your plans a shot at all.


Remember you have about 15 to 19 hours in a day to achieve all you want to achieve, so you have to keep to the time you set for each plan. If you believe you can use 2 hours to complete a task, work on completing the task within two hours. This would be achievable if you can follow the steps that have been listed above.


In one of my articles, four simple steps to moving to the success level, I explained the importance of motivating yourself while you are working. Look for what makes you happy and incorporate it into your day. When you are about to start work on your plans, ensure that you do things that make you happy and satisfied. Remember, happy people accomplish all their plans. Let your happiness work for you.

Welcome to a world of Performance Productivity and Efficiency.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin (SEA).



Pastor (Mrs.) Folashade Adebisi

Text: 16: 16-30

“Now it happened as we went to prayer that a certain slave girl possessed with a spirit of divination met us, who brought her master much profit….”

Paul and Silas were men of God and people were against them. The Lord is asking you, ‘how do you spend your midnight? Paul and Silas were taken to the prison after the strife against them, but they never cease to serve God, yet they were taken to the depth of the prison. A well trained child does not walk during midnight hour because a lot of things happen during that time either good or bad. After being tortured, Paul and Silas continued to praise God during the midnight hour.

How do you handle your midnight? Night comes before morning. How many things have you been through? Midnight is when God speaks to you. Daniel went through his midnight hour but he served God for ever. Also Shedrack, Meshack and Abednego were thrown into the fire but they never ceased to serve God. (Ps. 22:1-8). What you do with your midnight matters a lot. Many have seen you coming to church but they ridicule you, just ignore them and concentrate on what to do with your midnight. Do you glorify God during your midnight hour? Do you worship Him or your problems? You have to praise and glorify God even in your situation. (Mt. 26:36). You have to go through your midnight on your own, no one spends midnight seeking for help where there is none; God is the only one that can help the righteous. No matter what the problem, joy comes in the morning. It then depends on how you spend your midnight. What do you do when you are going through problems?

The rain must come before the rainbows. Paul and Silas were thrown into the innermost part of the prison, they don’t know when it’s raining, sunny or stormy, but they prayed during the midnight hour and praised God fervently. You have to learn to sing and praise God during your midnight hour. Are you seeking for a job, or you believe God for a child, always praise God in your midnight hour. When you learn to praise God in the midnight, there will be great earthquake against your situation. Nobody can stop you from praising God because you are in the house of God. Until you learn to praise God in your midnight hour, the chains of your life will then be broken. There is no time you praise God and He will not reward you because praise moves Him. He doesn’t need your food, money or gift but praise is what He wants from you.

Always determine to praise God in every situation no matter the circumstance. Learn to rejoice and praise God, let the devil take notice of you praising God; and don’t give a damn. “In everything, give thanks”. “Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning”. It’s not about the clothes, shoes you wear but learn to praise God in your midnight hour.


‘It takes two to tango”. Every human was born out of a sexual activity or an intercourse. Take a concentrated look at different species of animals and how they vary their actions during pre-mating, mating and post-mating.

There’s first, a ‘good sight’ of the opposite sex. Attempts to be noticed by each other come next. At the success of been noticed, an attraction occurs, & then a little sensual play follows. Sometimes, it might be running around by one and a trail from another. At other times, it might be ‘pre-mate’ combat and this mostly paves way for ‘mating’.

This is the act of pairing a male and female for reproductive purposes. This can be seen between opposite sexes. There’s a coming together of these sexes for the purpose of copulation or coition. Energy is expended and emotions are hyperactive.

The backwash of the above named process is the formation of a new progeny now & then. There’s expectancy. A new product is borne.  A ‘play’ through a ‘process’ to a ‘product’ is what it becomes.

This, simply, is intercourse in brief! Humans are caught in sexual activities likewise the lower animals too. But there’s this unnoticed coital activity that humans [higher animals] are caught up in. This activity happens daily amongst us. It can be an expression of the human mess or her beauty as the case might be.

Formally, ‘Two heads are far better than one’. Presently, ‘Two good heads are far better than one’. From ‘The Men Who Built America’; despite the rifts between Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and J. P. Morgan, there came a moment when forces had to be united to stamp out what seemed a menace to them. That ‘unison’ and joint ‘cerebrations’ got the odds in their favour. From Deval Patrick’s book ‘A Reason To Believe’; at a table for four [Deval Patrick & wife, Barack & Michelle Obama], Barack Obama told Deval he would be running for Presidency of the United States [obviously the first time he mentioned it to anyone]. Deval in reply gave Obama is opinion which seemingly set off the ‘President’ in Obama.

In the rubbing of minds together, there’s an unnoticed ‘mind intercourse’. You want to do something! You always seek out a mind that’s similar to yours or that’s better in beauty and creativity than yours. You woo this mind by saying ‘check this out’ or ‘let’s rub minds together’. The ‘check this out’ is the ‘sensual play’. The ‘actual rubbing’ is the ‘coital processes’. The ‘beautiful solution’ is the ‘product’; the offshoot of the process of rubbing minds together.

The three Ps are Play, Process and Product. ‘Two beautiful minds are better than one’. Every masterpiece that has been created or still in the pipeline of ‘creativity’ is predicated on play, process and product. Same applies to every evil that ‘messed-up’ minds have produced. Every time one joins forces with another mind, there’s a display of ‘mind intercourse’ in its simplicity.

Just like you hit a brick wall at an attempt to solve a math problem, and you perform a ‘check this out’ on a friend and with a conjured force, a solution emerges. Yay! You scream out of glee. Similar to that is the conjuring of minds. Difficulty is simplified. The brick wall is floored without delay. Rub minds as much as you can but ensure it’s a mind that rains beauty. You will be amazed by what conjured minds could come up with.

Your mind is powerful! Manage it effectively for productivity.

T: @agbarapaschal


One of the greatest secrets of great men is the fact that they have always searched for the golden opportunity to invest and better the life of people below them not thinking of what they would gain tomorrow. Many people have not realised that people would not appreciate a man that has only developed himself without bringing out the very best in those around him.

Life is not about you being at the top, it’s about how many people you have helped to get to the top. Life is not about you winning all the time, it’s about how many people you have helped to win. Life is not about you being academically sound; it’s about how many people you have helped from being dull to being brilliant. Life is not about how wealthy you are, it’s about how many people you have helped to become wealthy. Life is not about what you are; it’s about how many people you have helped to become what they are.

Investing in others is not mainly about spending your money on others, but about taking your time to motivate, encourage, propel, tutor and drive them to being the very best they can be in life. William ward once said that the three keys to more abundant living are; caring about others, daring for others and sharing with others. It has been proven that poor minds don’t think at all, average minds think about themselves and wealthy minds think about others.

If I may ask, what category do you belong? Investing in others brings out the very best in the investor because before you can invest in others you must have invested enough in yourself. Just imagine a man with no money and idea, and he is willing to invest in a business. This would not be possible unless the man has the necessary material required to invest in the company. This simply means that you cannot invest what you don’t have.

There is no man that has gotten to the top on his own, and for a man to be at the very top, there are some people that must have imparted him positively. Look at your life deeply, and think of the people God has used to actually impact your life and look at how each of them thoroughly imparted your life, and take bold steps in determining to impacting the life’s of others.

There is a particular teacher/mentor that must have taken extra pains to teach and guide you well, there is a pastor that must have taken extra hours to pray specially for you, there must have been that leader that must have taken extra time to share his experience with you and must have shared with you all the basic tips he used to achieve all the success he was able to achieve, there must have been that friend of yours that must have shared those extra time with you, to ensure that you feel loved and happy. I am sure that there are so many people that have invested positively in your life.

Why not determine within you to impact someone’s life today. Remember that the very best of people are those that have taken a concrete part of their time to investing in others.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


November 2013, I was in a room with a team in my church for two hours trying to solve a problem we all thought was impossible to solve. Before we entered the room to solve the problem, we had resolved in our heart that this problem was unsolvable so we did not put in much effort. As we were about to close the meeting, a man came in and the problem was introduced to him. Some few minutes later, he came up with an idea that solved the problem completely.

At the wedding that took place at Cana in Galilee, the wine they were to serve visitors had finished and they still had some visitors that were yet to taste wine. To the organisers of the wedding, they had a problem that they could not solve because to them, wine would be hard to get at that time.  To the mother of Jesus Christ she had the perfect solution to their problem (Jesus Christ), and HE solved the problem so well that the wine was commended from different quarters.

In every problematic situation, we have the Solution doubters, the Blamers and the Solution getters (finders). The Doubters are those that have resolved in their heart that the problem at hand cannot be solved and they have decided not to look for any solution because to them it’s a waste of time. The blamers are those that are always ready to shift the responsibility of the problems to the neck of the next person (partners, team associate, and neighbours). Just like the solution doubters, they have no solution, and to remove the guilt from their head, they decide to shift the blame on others so they can excuse themselves from solving this problem.

The solution getters are those who understand that for every problem there is always an expiry date, a solution then an opportunity. Every problem solved in your place of work, project, and business comes with a very good opportunity that would take the company, business or project a step further.

Successful people are Problem Solvers; Unsuccessful People are Solution doubters and blamers. You can decide to step up your genuine success pursuit today by having a strong determination to solve every problem that has hindered your progress in what you are doing currently. Remember, a problem you run away from today would not run away from you. The problem would keep growing stronger and hereby affecting your efficiency and productivity.

Be the Joseph that would liberate the Israelites from Goliath rather than be the Saul or his Soldiers that would run away each time they hear the empty threats of Goliath. You have a God that is ever ready to support you; don’t forget to also call on him for his assistance. I can’t wait to see you conquer your problems with the help of God.

NOTE: When resolving these problems, remain CALM and CONFIDENT because God is with you.

Congratulations, you have just broken another limitation.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


This is the story I was told
By a wise man that’s very old
Success is not just reaching the top
But also helping others go up

Success is not being better than the rest
But helping others discover their best
Success is not about having fame or fortune
But helping others avoid misfortune

Success is not about showing that you are superior
But helping others know that they are not inferior
Success is not about showing of your ability
But helping others enjoy stability

Success is not getting what you want at every single word
But helping others get what they cannot afford
Success is about making people smile
Helping others live a life that is worthwhile

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.

WISDOM (Wisdom Poem)

Wisdom is supreme
Foolishness is extreme
We all have a choice
But one we must refuse

Embrace wisdom and gain understanding
When trouble comes you would be found standing
For the wise would prosper
And the foolish would suffer

A fool puts so much trust in man
A fool puts all hope in human
A wise man trusts in God
And his expectations are met by the lord

Wisdom embraces those who knows its importance
Wisdom value those who knows its substance
Wisdom find those who seek
And those who in the spirit are meek

Seek wisdom in all your doing
Hold it everywhere you going
For wisdom come with the grace
To succeed in this human race

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.