The primary aim of entering into any business line is to solve the needs of a particular set of people. When they are satisfied with the solution you are giving to their needs, they pay in return which is the reward for your service.

Questions To Consider
1. What needs are this business going to solve?

2. What set of people would be needing your services (what age group, the rich or the poor, men or women, fat or slim, etc.)?

3. What unique techniques are you going to be bringing on board to ensure that you solve this needs the way your customers want them to be solved?

4. What added advantage do you have over your competitor (the next company) that is offering this same service to solve this same need?

5. Do you have the experience needed to be able to run the business to the level of your expectations?

Write down your answers and work on them immediately. Don’t Procrastinate, Take action on this answers now.

By Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


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