READ CAREFULLY: Majority are far below their expectations because they have big dreams, marvellous ideas, and fantastic goals but put in little or no ACTION. They have decided not to take action because they are waiting for every necessary condition to favour them before they start something.

ADVICE TIME: If you fall into this category, this is for you:

FACT OF LIFE: Life is a stage, life is a process. Successful people know that it is preferable to take the stairs when you are starting the success journey (if you doubt these, you can ask one of them). The elevators might not come. The more you keep waiting for the elevator, the more time goes and doubt steps in (The can I still achieve it syndrome).

WAY FORWARD: Break this big idea of yours into simple and smaller steps. There is no crime in starting small, the only crime is remaining small and not aiming high. It is honourable to do an average idea very well than to do nothing on the most beautiful idea.

SUCCESS MULTIPLIES: If you start with five dollars today, and you put in all the needed effort and discipline, your working capital would multiply to ten dollars in no time. If you keep working hard and praying to God, you would keep multiplying, increasing and expanding, and soon you would realize that you have surpassed your expectations.

EXTRA TIP: When you start the journey today, you gain the needed experience that would sustain this idea when it gets to the level of your expectation tomorrow. Where there is no experience, there is no outstanding result (where experience is the teacher, wisdom is the principal).

END NOTE: Don’t give excuses, give action. Excuses bring Regrets, Actions bring Accomplishments. Save yourself the stress of regretting tomorrow by bringing life into that idea of yours today.

Congratulations, you just broke another limitation.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


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