When people fail, they tend to shift the responsibility of the failure to the people they worked with, their situation, their circumstances and maybe their environment. They never take their time to look within themselves to check if the mistakes they have actually made that caused the failure actually emanated from them.

When you are on a particular project, plan or activity and the unexpected happens, before you decide to shift the blame on external forces, learn to look within yourself, re-evaluate your actions. You probably might have done something that caused the failure, or you might have probably neglected something you were supposed to do and maybe you do not have enough experience needed to make this project a success.

You have been looking for a reputable job for the past few years and you have submitted your resume in over 25 big organizations yet you have not gotten a job. Before you decide to shift the blame on external factors, evaluate yourself and check out what you are doing that is not right. Maybe you need to change the way you package your resume, or there is a particular certificate that you have not gotten that is very important, or the way you appear during interviews. There is something wrong somewhere, evaluate yourself and fix it up.

Have you been jilted over and over again by men and you beginning to feel that all men are the same so you are not intending to enter into a new relationship. Have you asked yourself why men find it easy to jilt you? What characters are you displaying that make men dump you so easily? Talk to elders who have vast experience in relationship issues and ask for their advice. Check within yourself before you decide to put the blame on external factors.

Remember, Wise people look for the problem within before they search outside. You are better than where you are now, and you deserve the best.

Cheers to your next big step to success.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


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