BY Seun Emmanuel Alaofin

Take a pause and stop
Stand straight hands down like a cop
Think of all you need
It is time to sow your success seed

How much do you desire success
Do you really want to progress
To be successful you need some clues
To be successful you need to pay your dues

Success is not being prosperous
Success is not being famous
They are just part of the package
But not all in stock to manage

Success is fulfilling your purpose,
Doing what you are created for in the perfect dose
Success is helping others get better
Success is doing the things that matter

Success is doing the right thing at the right time
Success is knowing that failure is not a crime
Success is doing what makes you smile
Success is living a life that is worthwhile

Success is seeking for knowledge
Success is doing things God acknowledge
Success is serving God in the right way
Success is taking quality time to pray

Success is about doing more than the usual
Success is doing what people think is not factual
Success is believing in your ability
Success is developing your capability

Success is talking less and acting more
Success is following your heart to the core
Success is knowing that things you did not get,
Are things you don’t need yet

Success is being a positive carrier
Success is taking steps that break barrier
Success is being creative
Success is taking decisions that are innovative

Be in places where you would be appreciated
Be cool calm and collected
These are steps taken by people that achieve success
Do these and soon you would avoid failure stress


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