We know you are talented
Yes we know you are gifted
You have put in an outstanding performance
Yet you have no worthy substance

All you see is discomfort
There is nobody to offer support
People around call you boss
But all you count each day is loss

You have really been intimidated
Now you seem to be very frustrated
People ride on you like a donkey
People look down on you like a monkey

Friend, you need to look up to God’s face
To avoid all sort of disgrace
To avoid being a prey
You need to know how to pray      

You passing through adversity
Is like passing through a university
The problem of each person,
Has a unique and wise lesson

Your problem might have made you go low
Or perhaps made your progress very slow
This is not just enough reason to make you quit
It is just time to get ready and get fit

You are destined for fulfilment
You need God’s upliftment
If you are in the right location
You would get your divine allocation

 It is the feeling you display
That your mind would always replay
It is what you believe,
That your hand would receive

Have a fulfilled day
Do all you are supposed to do today
Laugh and forget your worry
Because there are tons of good news coming in a lorry

I am not a teacher
Neither am I a preacher
I am not a pope
But with me comes the message of hope

By Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


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2 responses to “GET MOTIVATED (POEM)”

  1. poetic timmy says :

    Really a message of hope I was inspired

  2. seapublication says :

    happy you got inspired. thanks for reading.

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