God knows I desire huge fame
And success all the same
Having different cars by my side
And enough money to play wide

The progress might be slow
But definitely things would glow
Then I would visit different places
And see beautiful faces

My name people would sing
My bell people would ring
My presence people would hail
And on their backs I would sail

At my voice multitude would fall
With the power to control all
People might tag me a sinner
But I see myself as a winner

I would Possess so many toxic wine
And so many delicacies to dine
Make many women pregnant
And curse my competitors to remain stagnant

Then I would have so much pride
And take the commoners for a ride
Terrorise so many tribes
And make the poor pay heavy bribes

My power source many would wonder
I would strike my gossips like thunder
I don’t care if I am wayward
As far as my fame moves forward

This is the heart desire of the wicked
At last they are always ashamed- Naked
They lack the principal thing- Wisdom
They finally die of one thing- Boredom

Their thoughts are obsolete
They are left in desolate
For Pains they shall endure
And their poverty is very sure

Has your heart been moderated
Or your desires are still over-rated
In all your thoughts be wise
That’s my simple advise

By Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


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