Many people have not been able to move past the level where they are currently because of how they see what they are currently passing through. You are currently in the level you do not expect from life does not mean that you would not get to your destined level. The major difference between those that have successfully  scaled through the level you are currently and those that are still in this level is simply because of how they saw themselves when they were in this level.

What you are seeing today is not a confirmation of where you would reach tomorrow. What you are seeing today is just a confirmation that they are better things ahead but there are still things you need to learn, experience you need to gain, more knowledgeable people you need to meet and a God you need to stay firm with.  What you are seeing today is not a confirmation that God has forgotten you or he has no plans for you, it’s a confirmation that you are still a work in progress waiting to be unleashed.

Remember the story of Joseph? He was in the prison, yet he saw more than the four walls of the prison. I am sure other prisoners would have laughed at him when he specifically told Pharaoh’s servant to tell Pharaoh about him. Joseph understood the principle of seeing beyond your current situation. The truth is, you cannot be better than the way you see yourself. Great people have the ability to see greatness in every situation.

You are HERE today does not mean you would not get THERE tomorrow. The only difference between HERE and THERE is T which stands for GODS TIME. Your life is your responsibility, take full authority. Even when things seem down at the moment, look beyond them because when there is life there is hope. Don’t get discouraged, remember you are not where you started from and you are not yet where you are going to. You are on a journey and you are not permitted to stop halfway.

Never permit YOU to look down on YOURSELF because of what you are currently seeing, look beyond the obvious. I believe so much in you.



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