Who do you call a great man? A great man is not a man who had very smooth journeys all his life, but a man that passed through harsh criticisms and negative comments and still stood his ground. Friends laughed at his ideas, others gave reasons why his ideas cannot work out, many told him the history of people with such ideas and how they failed blatantly, and some tried to kill his ideas, yet he stood his ground and told himself that he would achieve all he wants to achieve if he believes he can achieve them.

A mentor of mine once told me that the three ways to avoid criticism is to ‘‘do nothing’’, ‘’be nothing’’, and ‘’say nothing’’. People that are ready to move to the next level are people that are willing to carve out an area of speciality for themselves by doing something, they are willing to work hard so they can be something and they are ready to share their success story so they have to say something.

Note, enemies and critics are not interested in solving any problems, and they don’t have any solution. If they had something better doing, they would have been doing it rather than trying to bring you down. Like John Mason once said, a critic is like an armless man who teaches throwing. Your critic does not have any idea about what you are doing, yet he wants to teach you the dos and don’ts of doing it.

Anyone that tries to belittle you has a singular goal in mind which is to bring you down to his or her own level. Remember, a critic has no level, which is why he is not remembered for anything good. When people criticise you, see the positives and out rightly ignore the negatives.  Learn the lesson and ignore the side insults.

If you are scared of criticism, you would never be able to achieve much. Criticism is one of the stepping stone successful men use to climb their way up to the top. Instead of getting intimidated by your critic, leave your life in a way that you would get the result that would shame them. Let them be one of your major sources of motivation. When they say you cannot achieve it, see it as you can achieve it. All you need to do is to throw away the NOT in the CANNOT.

You are the only person that can stop you from achieving all you want to achieve, and a very good way of stopping yourself is by listening to critics and believing all what they say. Remember, criticism is just another stepping stone to success, not a barrier. Don’t be discouraged, believe in yourself and you would exceed your greatest expectation.



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