What is brokenness?

Acts 10:1-7: The fact that you are good or kind but you do not take the necessary step of a new birth (John 3:3), you are not different from the one who is not a believer. The first step is a new birth then sanctification. 2Cor.5:17.

A spiritual brokenness can lead us to eternal peace. If eternal peace eludes you, the physical peace is worthless. A spiritual brokenness is when a heart of stone is broken allowing the Holy Spirit to enter such a heart. This is when you shatter your will of pleasure, sin etc and allow the spirit of God is to enter your life. John 5:30. If you are not broken, you cannot enjoy eternal or physical peace.

Characteristics of an unbroken spirit:

  1. It is filled with pretence and hypocrisy
  2. It is filled with disobedience to God, to faith, somebody that disobeys a constituted authority
  3. Somebody that lies, that cannot be trusted, not faithful. Some of us have given our lives to Christ but because we are not broken in the spirit, we still lie.
  4. Somebody that is filled with pride, full of him/herself, who boasts of his achievements.
  5. The heart that lacks integrity, not predictable, lacks self-consciousness, lacks time accountability
  6. Someone spiritually immature, unjust, unrighteous, unholy, lives in sin; those acts are not broken in the spirit. If your heart is not broken, you remain the same.

  Obstacles to brokenness:

  1. Devil:- If we do not allow him, he will not come into our lives
  2. Flesh: it is the major problem of all. The flesh always comes against us
  3. Unforgiving spirit:– Luke 17:3-4, Mk. 11:25-26. It will be an obstacle to a broken spirit.
  4. If you have a sick tongue:– When the tongue of a Christian speaks unholy things, that backbites, that does not say any good about others. Ps. 34:13
  5. Ungodly association:– Who are your friends? Rom. 1:32. Keeping sin-filled friends
  6. Covetousness which leads to greed:– when you covet worldly possessions, they will not allow you to be broken in the spirit. Luke 12:15. God cares about your heart not your riches. Running after the things of the world. God values you with the brokenness of your heart, how you are walking with Him in faith etc
  7. Fault-finding Spirit:– It finds the faults of other persons. The “pull him down spirit”.

 Characteristics of brokenness:

  1. It is absolute surrender: willingness to be fulfilled in the area God has placed you; to allow God to direct your steps, do what God has said concerning you.
  2. You must allow your will to be broken to pieces concerning the food you eat; the way you dress, etc you must ask yourself, if God will be happy about what you are doing. In this position, you must declare not I but God.
  3. Be ready to face trials in life: If God has not allowed us to face challenges, we would have forgotten God.
  4. Be able to conquer the flesh; you need the Holy Spirit to conquer the flesh.
  5. Do not allow the world to hold on to you. Put yourself in a position that the world cannot hold.
  6. Be ready to restitute for what you have done in the past so that you will not have a hidden secret, so that the devil will not be able to punish you. When you restitute, you will not go back to that sin.
  7. Be ready to honour God with your life at all times. If you are broken, you will become a friend of God. What is it you have that you cannot sacrifice to God?
  8. You become a vessel of honour to God. He will use you for His glory. He will reveal secrets to you so that you can have physical peace (Rev. 2:7) in your home. Spiritual peace promises us eternal life.

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