Let’s go to the imagination world.

 Imagine you are assigned to go on a long distance journey and to get to this destination, you are given a very beautiful car and all what you need to make this journey very interesting and worthwhile. Lastly you are given a map. On collecting this map, you are not told the particular destination you would be heading to, but they are traces and hints on the map that would guide you, and if you are focused, determined and willing, you would discover this destination.

 This particular situation can be likened to each person.

 We are all on a journey in life and we are all expected to discover our final destination (our purpose). To those that have discovered theirs, they have used it to benefit themselves, make our world a better place and glorify God.

God has deposited in you the potentials and the talents.  He has placed inside of you the maps you need, but you need to discover the destination you are going by yourself with his help (GOD).

When you are moving towards the direction of your purpose, things would always work out for you, success would keep coming, and even the tribulations, troubles and trials that spring up would be at your favour. The simple truth is for you to be successful in a sincere way; you need to discover your purpose.

Propose in your heart today to take your life serious, do all you need to do, be determined, never lose focus and ensure that you are in constant communication with the God that has placed you on this journey. With this, I can assure you that you are certain to reach your destined destination.

THE FORMULA: A determined You + An ever supporting God = Purpose discovered

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin (SEA)


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