Sometimes in life, it is not the situation that needs to be changed, or the current position or circumstance that you are in that needs a change, but the way you think, act and behave that needs a quick and rapid change.

Many times, I have heard people complain about their background, lack of exposure, no qualifications, and no help from people as their main reason for being poor and unfulfilled. All these people see is the problem around them; they don’t see the positives around them. I have seen people that came from very poor backgrounds with little or no exposure yet made it in life because they decided to change their thoughts.

When you pass through tough situations and abnormal circumstances, you begin to ask God to remove such situation, but have you ever given a second thought that God would never have allowed you pass through these particular situations if he did no lesson or reason for making you pass through these situation.

King David in the bible was left alone at a tender age in the wilderness where he was to take care of his father’s sheep’s. He faced loneliness and different kind of wild animals yet he kept going. If he had not passed through those terrains, he wouldn’t have gotten the required courage needed to defeat a man like Goliath. If David had belittled himself during his moment of loneliness and tough times, he wouldn’t have had the guts to challenge Goliath.

Instead of asking God to take away the situation and let the cup pass over you, why not ask God to glorify himself in your life by giving you both the outer and inner strength to be able to pass through these situations, deal with these situations and overcome these situations. Ask God to show you the reason why he is allowing you pass through these situations so you can learn the lessons you need to learn and apply them to move you to your next level of desire.

Change your thoughts and approach towards your life and you would experience unprecedented happiness, bountiful harvest, exceptional fulfilment and unimaginable success.

Stay blessed.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


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