To some my words might be right
To some my words might be out of sight
Either way I would pass my message
Before I cross to the next passage

To some life is a misery
To some riches can only be found in history
To some being alive makes them sad
To some not having what to eat makes them mad

To some their eyes are used to tears
To some they live their life in fear
To some life is worse than hell
To some things have never gone well

Love is what these people need
Love I believe is a seed
Love is what we need to sow
Then take actions to make it grow

A show of care can save a miserable life
An open arm could make someone feel alive
Remember that when you give
In more fold you would receive

Learn to see the next person as a brother
With this we can help one another
If we all decide to stand together
Then definitely more lives would get better

We all need to play our part
So more lives would not fall apart
If we can stay in one accord
We can save another man’s world



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