Your assignment in life is what would make you great and accomplished in life, and if you go ahead to fulfil what is not your assignment in life, which is another’s person assignment in life, you would only struggle with life and you would not be able to move above the average level. This is one of the major reasons why some people work very hard and each time they reassess their  life, they realise that they are still on the struggling level not because they have not taken necessary steps but because they are yet to discover their divine assignment on earth.

Many people discover their divine purpose through speculations. This is when you take into consideration what you love to do, what you spend most of your time doing without feeling worn out and tired, what you do that makes you happy, what you can do over and over again free of charge for people without collecting money, what you know so much about without going for organised trainings, what gets you angry each time you see that it is not done properly according to expectation. For example, a child that loves playing Basketball could decide to take the sport as his profession considering his enormous talents and his love and passion for the game. So also a man that loves talking and motivating people could decide to become a motivational speaker, trainer or a consultant. This kind of discovery is also confirmed by people around who have known this person for over some time. This method has worked for so many people, and they are happy and fulfilled today in all their endeavours.

The second of discovering your purpose on earth is through divine revelation from God, the maker and depositor of the potentials. He placed these potentials inside of you and he knows the purpose for which he created you, why not ask him? He is always willing to help if you are willing to go and meet him for help; he is always ready to pick your calls only if you can dial his number through prayers, praise and intense worship. He knows what is best for you he would never want to see you unaccomplished in life. Remember, speculations might not be correct, most times they are seventy percent correct but not always hundred percent correct. Note, I am not saying the speculative method is not going to work, but after speculating you need to go down on your kneels and place your speculations before God to know what he has in stock for you.

Everyone is unique and special in different ways, and each and every one is destined to be great, and to accomplish greatness you need to fulfil your God given assignment which is the purpose why he made you exist. It’s a new year with new visions, new goals, new missions, new ideas and plans, and everything is still fresh and new, let everything you do conform with your divine assignments.

The world is waiting for your manifestation; the world is waiting for you to fulfil your divine assignment so your name can be written in the sands of time. Don’t disappoint your world and more importantly don’t disappoint the God that deposited such potentials inside of you. I can’t wait to see that smile of accomplishment radiating all over your face.

I remain yours in personal development.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin (SEA).


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