Success is one of the most discussed topics on planet earth, and I am yet to see a man who has proposed in his heart not to be successful. I have written so many articles on success and from my experience I have come to realise that what I may term as success may be different from what you may term as success. For example Mr A might feel that becoming the MD of the Bank where he works would make him successful, and Mr B might feel that becoming the branch Manager would make him successful. Remember, they are both working in the same Bank but their success definition differs.

To some success might be all about having so much of money and to some success might be acquiring what makes them comfortable and to others it may be achieving what they intend to achieve over a period of time. To Zig Ziglar, he believes that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can’t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles.

We all have our unique definition of success. This prompted me to interview over 20 of my friends to get their unique definition of success via My Weekly SHARE UR THOUGHTS (SUT) PLATFORM on BlackBerry Messenger (26CB3E0A) and Whatsapp (08139051353).

Below are the unique definitions I received from some of the participants of the SUT platform:

Success is impact.

  1. Success is being able to make an impact in your society, world and being able to provide solution to the needs of the world. In total, putting smiles on the face of other people positively means you are successful. – Adedokun Adenike.
  2.  I believe that success is not just being a blessing to you alone, but being a source of blessing to others. – Ojo Olademiji.
  3. Success is not about how much money you make or how big your fame grows but how constantly relevant you are, how many lives you touched positively and how fulfilled you are. – Tolu Blaze
  4. Success is using your God given talent and abilities to solve problems and being satisfied seeing joy in the beneficiaries. – Tosin Alaofin
  5.  Success to me is doing outstandingly well in your area of calling or interest and being able to replicate it by affecting the life of others. -Tolulope Aladesuyi.
  6. Success is not accounted by money but by the measure of impact. How many people you have been able to impact with your character and actions to life reactions and situations. – Olajuyitan Timilehin.
  7. Success is when one is able to make others to greatness through his or her own accomplishment. – Timi Aladebola.

Success is fulfilment.

  1. I have a goal, I worked towards it and it comes to fruition. If eventually I am satisfied with the result, I am fulfilled. – Remi Alade.
  2. Michael Koledoye also believes that he is successful each time he fulfil his goals.
  3. Success is fulfilment on Gods will and amount of Impact you can make in the life of others. – Olayinka Elizabeth Olushoga.
  4. Success is living a life of fulfilment, finding purpose in life and fulfilling it. – Atobatele Sunday
  5. Success is what brings happiness to you: what makes you happy and fulfilled. Success varies from one person/gender to another. Success to some women might being able to give their husband a male child, and to some men might be marrying their first love. –Grace Oke.
  6. Success is being fulfilled in your calling in life, not necessarily having huge money, but making a positive impact in your generation. – Aladesanmi Taiwo.

Success is achievement

  1. Success to me cannot be termed on wealth and monetary aspect alone.it is the satisfaction of oneself due to an achievement or accomplished mission. – Adenike Owolabi.
  2. success is getting to the zenith of a place and staying there.in any field for instance, ability for you to stay relevant, useful and fulfilled and then keep being useful. It is not a one-time thing, it is a process. – Tolu Blaze
  3. Success is the achievement of what you aim or intends to achieve. A student that determines to come out with a first class would only see himself as being successful in his education if he achieves coming out with a first class. – Aderemi Adeola.
  4. Success is achieving what you set your mind to achieve. Whatever anyone wishes to do and pursue however small people see it. Once you achieve it, you are successful. – Emiola Olawale.
  5. Success is when you having positive results in your dealings. Success is about not giving up, sitting tight, reframing your ideas, tackling your challenges and staying strong until you achieve all you desire to achieve. – Oyinda Ogunrinde.

Success is utilised opportunities.

  1. Success happens when you find yourself where you are meant to be per time. – Sam Neye.
  2. Success to me is the reaction between the opportunity I have and the effort I put into it. – Olalekan Obisesan.
  3. Success is when opportunity meets preparation. Whoever prepares would definitely have an opportunity. Each day brings a new opportunity to be successful, and those that have been preparing use it to achieve success. – Tunde Alaofin.

Other definitions of success

  1. Success from good research and conscious applicability is getting what one wants. Success above all is unique to each Homo sapiens. – Agbara Paschal.
  2. Success is what we become when we understand life better, understand ourselves better, and understand people better and understanding that failing does not make you a failure. – Gabriel Ogunleye.
  3. Success is being able to answer all my need and wants at the rightful time (at the point of rising of the need). –Olakunle Adeniyan.

I simply believe success is achieving all my goals. Remember goals are set in 10 areas of life, and they are Personal Goals, Spiritual Goals, Career Goals, Financial Goals, Family Goals, Friend Goals, Community Goals, Recreation Goals, Health Goals and Service to mankind Goals. Achieving my goals in each of these areas consistently makes me successful.



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