DISADVANTAGE 1: Talking Too Much Inspires Boasting. One of the reasons why people talk too much is to attract others to themselves. In doing this, they talk about all their achievements, their past records, where they have been to, how much they worth and what they possess. They are good at lying so they can be seen bigger than they are by others.

DISADVANTAGE 2: Talking Too Much Brings About Loss Of Respect.  A talkative loses his respect when he talks more than he knows. He talks more than people can accommodate so they begin to disrespect him and he loses his honour. A talkative does not place any value on himself so people around him do not place value on him either.

DISADVANTAGE 3: Talking Too Much Makes You Reveal More. People that talk too much have a weakness of talking more about themselves, their personal life’s, saying what they should not be saying without even noticing that they have said it. The wise runs from such people because they know that their secrets are not safe and secured with these kinds of people.

DISADVANTAGE 4: Talking Too Much Makes You Sin More. People that talk more are engaged and involved in more sins. They talk about others, they boast, lie and even cause quarrel among brethren’s with their gossips and back stabbing.

DISADVANTAGE 5: Talking Too Much Is Someone’s Job. Some categories of people are heavily paid because they can talk well. Their talent is well appreciated and it is converted to money. Why then have you decided to talk excessively when you are not paid a dime for it? You make it even worse because it is at the expense of your progress.

DISADVANTAGE 6: Excessive Talking or talking too much produces devastating health effects and promotes any chronic disease: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and many others. You can save yourself from all these chronic diseases if you decide to limit the way you talk. Talk when it is appropriate to, not when you just feel like moving your mouth.

Think of these things. 
— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


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  1. Shia says :

    Thanks for making me a better person

  2. Ariik Akoon Mawien says :

    I need too maintain too much talking in my life thank you.

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