Improvement and development are important. Without these, a man stays slackened or slowed up. Improvement and development culminates to growth! Good and defined improvement and development paves way for directional growth.

There shouldn’t be a point or an instance where you say ‘I’m done on self-reformation’. That’s like parcelling and mailing a letter bomb to one’s residential address. A vehicle owner maintains his(er) vehicle unendingly so it can serve him(er) for long.  S(he) does so to also keep the vehicle always in good shape.

When work is constantly done on one’s self, it keeps one prepared ahead! Self-reformation also asides preparing one, helps to sharpen its student. A farm tool or implement after a while becomes blunt and can’t give its best. It calls for another sharpening. Human’s knowledge is on every minute made obsolete! What you know now might not change, but must have been improved upon. There would have been an improved version.

Self-improvement demands you upgrade your functionality apps so as to keep you at par. Self-improvement demands you remain the baddest learner ever liveth! You will find yourself inhaling fresh air of contentment as the progress you will experience will be marvellous.

Identify areas of your life that have been left unattended to and the areas that are not at par and the ones that are. Work on them all to get you bettered and duly moulded.

Self-improvement ushers development!

Don’t starve yourself what’s of essence and what’s needed for good growth! Always want to know! Always want to get better with every opportunity. If you stop working on yourself, you’re doing yourself a great harm. Why hurt yourself when you can impart yourself? Be willing to learn, be open to new knowledge and deliberately seek to be taught things you don’t know and know are essentials.

I recall sojourning from Lagos through Ibadan to Akure for a weekend course whilst on Internship. Some will call me a loco or a wacko for that, but I feel better when I acquire fresh knowledge and apply them. Stay UPDATED or you will get relegated! Stay on a PAR or you will be left behind!

It is never too late to lead off so as to always come out better. Don’t wait to be asked. It might be too late to find-out. No Excuses!

By Agbara Paschal (


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