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Grace makes tough situations easy
Grace makes your enemies dizzy
Grace makes a way out of no way
Grace is far more than what people say

Grace makes result evident than it seem
Grace makes dark situation beam
Grace makes you get the best from nothing
Grace turns an imbecile to an extraordinary something

Grace brings result beyond your ability
Grace is putting your efforts in Gods capability
Grace is the manifestation of unusual kindness
Grace is receiving soothing happiness

Grace favours a man where he did not sow
Grace makes the man in you grow
Grace brings life to your certificate
Grace brings greatness to your gate

Grace is favour from God
Grace brings more than you can afford
Grace is why jesus is on earth
Grace comes along with sound health

Grace bring unprecedented mercy
Grace turns around a life that is messy
Grace makes you avert unimaginable disgrace
Grace brings your helpers to your face

Grace makes you richly rich
Grace makes the wise know what to teach
Grace makes your word as sweet as honey
Grace is having much more than money

Grace is swimming in Gods wisdom
Grace places you in charge of a kingdom
Grace makes your destiny shine
Grace makes what you do fine

Grace breaks the chain of tears
Grace makes you add years to your years
Grace is what you need to succeed
Grace is what you really need

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


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