Successful people have overtime come to realise that mistakes are almost unavoidable, and the only people that do not make mistakes are people that have not tried anything meaningful. Making mistakes does not mean that you have totally failed or you have little or no idea about what you are doing, it simply means that you need to sit back and reflect on your past actions to correct every correctables and learn all the learnables.

I have taken my time to simplify four simple techniques you can use to turn your mistakes into winning bullets. They have worked for me, and I am sure they would work for you too.

STEP 1: Stop the mistake by on pausing the plan/project/investment. There is actually no joy and wisdom in committing the same mistake over and over again using the same strategies, ideas and techniques. After noticing that the methods you have been using are not working or rather would never work, STOP IT AND MOVE TO STEP 2.

Before you do this, you must admit the fact that you are making a mistake and you must not shift the blame on anyone, on situations and unforeseen circumstances. You must be ready to take responsibility (the 1st step to failure is shifting blames that can be easily corrected by you).

STEP 2: Have a rethink: your plans are definitely great, your plans are destined to succeed, your plans are achievable, but there is something wrong somewhere that is not actually making your plans work out. That is what we are after. Now you have to start asking yourself questions. What actually went wrong? What am I supposed to do that I have not done? What am I doing that I am not supposed to do? Why am I making this mistake over and over again? Are my techniques outdated or do not fit? Am I putting the required effort needed? Do I have adequate knowledge needed? Ask yourself this and many more questions as they come into your head. Note, don’t neglect any question.

STEP 3: Go back and learn more. Now you have gone back to the drawing board, write down the solution to all the questions you asked yourself in step two. Ensure that you seek for the right answers to these questions by gaining more knowledge. You need to go back to the books you read, the people that advised you, the observations you made, the plans you evaluated, there is something that is still missing that you have not done, there is a particular step that you have not taken.

Now at this stage, you have to be cool, calm and collected, there is no need to rush so that you would not make the same mistake again. You need to look deep for loopholes and road bumps so they can be mended. When you are sure that you have gathered enough knowledge and information, move on to step four.

STEP 4: APPLY THE NEW KNOWLEDGE. This is the last and final stage. At this stage, you need to be very careful and vigilant. Your aim is to get a better and more improved result than what you have been getting previously. Implement the new knowledge into the plan and make sure you put all the effort required to ensure that you get a more improved result.

NOTE: You might not get the best result now, but I am sure that at this stage you would get an improved result that would definitely lead you to the best result you can ever expect.

Remember, your mistakes are not meant to discourage you but rather to teach you new steps that should be used to achieve the best. Keep winning.

Cheers to your next big success step in life!!!
— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


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