LESSON 7 OF 2013: This year, I realised that many people are unhappy because they feel that they are not making spontaneous (what they are supposed to achieve in 4 years, they want to achieve in 2 years) progress in life. Many are sad with their life’s because they measure their progress and success level based on the performance and success of others rather than focus on personal development.

Like I learnt from Zig Ziglar, your progress in life is how you do what you do currently compared to the talents God has given you. November precisely, I was disturbed in my spirit because I taught I was not making any progress. During that period, an idea dropped in my spirit and I decided to type my name on google and check out for myself. To my surprise, I saw my articles on some blogs and about 3 writers made references to my works.

That moment, I decided to forget my worries and celebrate myself. That moment, I remembered how and where I started from, and I realised I have achieved more than what could make me worry. You have big plans (big dreams), you would still get there but you must realize that success come in small bits and until you celebrate these small bits, you will not get that big dream you have always imagined.

Celebrate your progress (be grateful for where you are now) while you aim higher and work harder for bigger success. I can’t wait to see you at the top.

LESSON 8 OF 2013: You cannot find true happiness and genuine success when you spend your time and resource doing the wrong things the right way. Many people fail not because they are not putting much effort in what they do, but because they are putting their efforts towards the wrong direction.

LESSON 9 OF 2013: Your ideas, business plans, initiatives, investments do not need to be perfect before you start them. I remember talking to a man sometimes in August and he told me somethings I would never forget. He said when microsoft started, they were so imperfect that almost all the Operating Systems they released then crashed, but they did not give up or stop there. They kept on developing new ones, and today they are by far better than where they started from. When blackberry started, they were not as fascinating as they are today, but they just kept on improving.

Many have ideas, but they are afraid of releasing them just because they feel the idea is not perfect enough. I remember when I was to release my first official article on my blog, I was scared and I wondered if people would ever read the article and appreciate it. I checked the words I used over and over again and at a time I decided to drop the article, but I am thanking God today that I did not drop it then.

I am thanking God not because the article was the best article I have written so far but because I have improved tremendously since I released that first article. Today I have published over 100 of my articles, and they have been widely accepted. Nobody is perfect, but you can near perfection with consistent practice. Start up that idea today and you would be thanking God like I did.

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


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