LESSON 3 OF 2013:At some point in life, embarrassing problems would always set in. At this point in life, it’s never going to be easy (I have passed through this so I mean it when I say it’s never going to be easy), but the ability to overcome these embarrassing problems of today is what would bring about the success stories of tomorrow.

People that don’t encounter this kind of problems are people that have not tried anything worthwhile all through their life. Remember, the bigger the failure the bigger the testimony. From my experience, I have realised that it is easier to run from your problems, ignore them like they do not exist (which would never solve the problem). Get ruthless with your problems, rather than mourn and panic over them, overcome them and defeat them.

Common, you are bigger than every problem that comes across your path (that is what I tell myself). If David could kill goliath, then your problems are not permitted to intimidate and pull you down. Its not going to be easy but with God it could be easier than you can ever imagine, so you need to be focused and on the long run you would realise that it is worth it.

LESSON 4 OF 2013:This year, I learnt the perseverance principle from John Hagee (7 SECRETS OF SUCCESS FOR THE GRADUATES). There comes a time in life where quitting looks good, where problems seem insurmountable, when giants seem unbeatable, when mountains seem un movable, when defeat seem unexplainable and when retreat seem the only option. During this period, always remember the perseverance principle- IT IS ALWAYS TO SOON TO QUIT.

If I had not learnt this principle, SEA Publication would have stopped in March when I had serious financial issues. There were months when I would have decided not to run the publication, but then I would always remember that it is always to soon to quit.

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


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