LESSON 1 OF 2013: I found the perfect definition for faith this year. FAITH simply means FINDING ANSWER IN THE HEART. Until you believe that something is achievable within the confinement of your heart (from within), it would never be achievable in reality. As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. I remember around august this year, I wanted to start MOTIVATE IMAGES (a medium where I would inscribe motivational and success driven words on pictures formats) but I was not able to do it. I met some guys and they told me I would have to pay about 500 Naira per 1 and I definitely could not afford that and I could not allow this idea die inside of me because of money. Somehow, I believed in my heart that I could design myself using simple techniques and as at today, motivate images has over 150 pictures. I found an answer in my heart, and today it is working for me.

LESSON 2 OF 2013: The only thing that is impossible for you to achieve is something that you have not tried before. I remember vividly that around April I was planning to write a poem but I felt it was impossible for me so I could not write down anything meaningful. October precisely, I was challenged by a friend and I decided to try it, and guess what, it worked. From October 14 to date, I have written over 16 poems (less than three months). Before you say I am wrong about this, I challenge you to try it out. Prove me wrong and try it out. That impossible thing that you feel you cannot achieve, why not write it down and try it out. If this can work for me, then it can work for you to.

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


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2 responses to “15 CRITICAL LESSONS I LEARNT IN 2013 (SERIES 1)”

  1. poetic timmy says :

    I’m motivated by this critical lessons especially the realistic stories(testimonies) I’m gonna try it as well I’m sure it will work truly nothing is impossible well done

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