It is time to ring the jingle bell
Angels singing yes I can tell
We are celebrating christmas
Coming together to celebrate christ in mass

What a glorious season
Jesus the definite reason
Long live the king
His name we all sing

He came in man form to die on the cross
He came purposely to carry our (sin) cross
His ways no man can understand
His wisdom no man can stand

He is a king yet very humble
At his feet enemies stumble
A king that was born in a manger
That would be strange to a stranger

At his birth he was wanted dead
A king that left his throne to make amend
On death blood filled his cup
Yet for our sake did not give up

My father my everything
He gave up his son that one thing
He is the world’s greatest gift
His love for me makes my mind shift

Composed By Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


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